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Episode 192: Marty Cunnie, pt. 3

Thursday, February 4 2021

I don't know why I feel like smiling hearing David coopers voice. May be because I felt he is kind of funny, but a bit strange too. Oh so cooper met his crazy caller tony David ,really cool. But I don't know really how cooper can talk so endlessly that too something silly for long time. Oh I could not believe my ears that someone really had watched over tony and David cooper. I think David is the only speaker and the comedian guest has nothing much to speak or he may be a bit serious. Why sir sir why? I think tony loves David very much as I felt a strong connection while he called this time. I feel the session went well with David cooper and tony rather than the guest and cooper. But I should also point out that this show is not for children as there are may adults only discussion here .Me Fathima from Bahrain rates this show with 3 stars .