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Episode 197: Jon Cooper, pt. 4

Tuesday, April 6 2021

The Show starts as 197 episode and at start it was fun to hear the conversation between the brothers especially about the 200th episode. Good to know about cattle cooking from jon cooper. And there was nice talks about the clowns and one of their's cousin sister's boyfriend's both parents are clowns. The topic was why wouldn't we raise by clowns which was quite new to hear. Good to hear everyone over 75 in canada got vaccinated. The call to david's old friend Gallo was very fun to start as david says i am waiting outside your home. And the conversation about their old memories was very good. The call with Anna was fun to hear. The caller haha was so funny when she asked jon wether he is eating real chicken or majic chicken. The call with Tony was also fun to hear. After that it was little boring and think too lengthy.Naren from India ives this show a 7 start out of 10.