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Episode 48: Emma Tolkin

Thursday, October 26 2017

This week host David welcomes guest Emma Tolkin, 26, to the show 'This is going well, I think with David Cooper' and describes her as mean-master, amazing, bizarre, lovely, hilarious, and self-fragulate Emma thanks David. Dana calls the show with her biological question how to gel off because she was reading book for 20 minutes but nothing happened. Emma suggests Dana for finding of material for self- induced orgasm. Emma tells David that she was a terrible lesbian, and depression equals to uplifting f*cking ass. Then, a caller Badman, 30 years old Danish, teaches some Danish words to David and Emma, and says he has visions and ambitions. While David tells techies are marking the world worst place, Badman says there are opportunities, challenges and dreams and things are going well, and America has good things and bad things. That went well, I think. David's girlfriend Maranda says David is busy masturbating and reading science fiction. Finally, David says Emma "I hate myself and I am trying to make you hate yourself too". But why? Ganesh from India rates this episode 4.5 star!