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Episode 49: Dan Linley, pt. 4

Thursday, November 2 2017

David Cooper starts the show with some very useless information. How can every show be the last episode? How did they even get to episode 49? It's not a funny joke. David introduces the comedian and tennis instructor, Dan Linley. Some insane and profane remarks are thrown around by both of the speakers as if they don't mind who is listening. They speak as though molestation and pedophilia are things that are normal, this show is honestly ungodly. Nothing they talk about is related to anything except the profanity they use. Why do people have to bring up gay-ism, sexual perversion, sexism, racism or inappropriate jokes in order to get people's attention? These guys have no idea if there is such a thing as too much profanity. Suprise, there is. To their credit, at least some constructive discussions were made on sexism and culture at some point in the show. Generally, I feel this was a complete waste of time. However, since they were able to buy the equipment and record this show, they earn a star. my name is David from Kenya and I give this episode that didn't go well, I think a rating of 1 star.