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Episode 50: Caliban

Thursday, November 9 2017

David Cooper and Caliban started the show. Cooper tried to pull information about Caliban's personal life, he tried to elope from the topic by giving general information. Well later both of them are not happy about their partners. The concept of the first woman telling "Riding bicycle without a shirt" and expecting not getting objectified seems real challenge these days. The ampersand gal was quite not open about being polygamous, still she calls her partners as friends, thats crazy though. Women bicycle without shirt without getting objectified! Cooper and Caliban were staying at some point that no techie would be listening to the show, still Caliban gave a lot of techie tech information. Both lost their mind when that crazy women just called in to get "Attention" sounded super crazy and I want to do it one day. The other callers sounded normal, and one caller refused to discuss about personal life though that is what the entire show is all about, LOL why call? While Cooper and Caliban were talking about getting butterflies on first few parties, that is so real, and anyone would relate to it. Talking about first sex, that is a memorable experience for anyone for topping the most nervous moments of life, so real. Afzal from Lahore give episode two half of five stars.