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Episode 52: Marcy [sic]

Thursday, November 30 2017

David cooper the host brings Marcy to the show. He introduces her as a comedian but throughout the show I could never figure out why she was introduced so. Cooper tried to pull out her age and got it as 32, not all women would say that, they started the show with a scam call discussion which is quite boring, and the first caller Jonathan, 19 made the show even worse. The man high on weed speaking in a rate of less than 5 words per minute just called in to have good time, which no one had. He made the boring show terribly boring. Every effort of cooper to get something out of the caller went in vain. The call form wick who is a fan of cooper, was somewhat lively. and Miranda, Cooper's girlfriend spoiled his image as much as possible. Throughout the show Marcy was upset that it wasn't a prepared show with no set. Marcy is really hate cooper, which good, I like this I hate Cooper too. They gradually ended the show by munching food. Overall the show is a junk boring podcast to waste time listening to. Swatish from India rating it with 1 star. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]