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Episode 54: Miranda, pt. 2

Thursday, December 14 2017

I don't know how could someone record such crap and call it a radio show. The entire show is a mess from the host David cooper choosing his girlfriend Miranda as the guest to fill in because the actual guest didn't come. It is an Unprepared and unplanned show, they both don't know what to talk about. Adding fuel to the fire, a woman started yelling outside the door asking to turn the speakers down. This greatly brought the David's motivation down that he had to say millions of filler words like aahh.. uhmm for the initial 12 minutes. Its nice to hear David panic and ruin the show, but honestly its already ruined from before they start. They choose topic "Noise pollution" then moved to "What is difficult about Christmas this year?" where none of them went well, I think. The first caller called in to play some music instead of talking, that was again a bad beginning, the second caller tried to figure about what the show is really about, but no one had an answer. David is never anwer that question. The third caller Erica spent a lot of time talking literally nothing but nitrogen truck and solace. Towards the end a lady whom they called solace called just to talk about her bad day at work. Swatish form India rating this pathetic show with -1000000 stars.