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Episode 58: Atish Mehta

Thursday, January 18 2018

"The This is going well, I think with David Cooper is a funny, interesting can relate in this type of radio episode I have ever listened his sense of humor he is kind of catching someone's will to share their experiences and he can maintain a good conversation that he can give twists like throwing funny jokes and still keeps on holdign back on the boundaries of getting totally offending compliments to his guests and with the caller's in the episode. There are caller's in the episode that are connected with Atish Mehta like his sister who interviewed his brother about his weird things he like to do were Atisha felt awkward but still he keeps on riding the questions showing his natural way of attitude of being easy to be with and also his girl friend Nicole, David played funny jokes to her saying to Atisha about her, he says 'What is the taste of her butt hole?"", and this questions really made me laugh too much. Lots of callers were on the line up asking questions to Atish about his passion as a DJ and makes him proud, David rank his episode least of all, he really hates his own show. that do not make sense to me. I am Dhruv from India, indian like atish and he remind of me of that and I am rate this episode with 4.5 stars.