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Episode 62: Justin Lockwood

Thursday, February 15 2018

David has the comedian Justin Lockwood on, as his guest. Not even 10 minutes into the show, guess who's back on air? - it's a Tony coup d'etat all over again - nearly! He reveals that he got to meet up with David's social media intern Celeste and his girlfriend Miranda, while in San Francisco. I breathed a sigh of relief when our man was off after giving us some ginger insights. David gets Miranda to call in and we get the load on David's bottom burps, among other things. David admits to Justin that he wasn't a huge fan of him earlier and the two talk things out. David narrates how a fellow comedian helped him name the show and two take a trip down memory lane. It was interesting listening to a comedian's take on how a comedian ought to be and the interplay between being a designer and an artist. Justin reveals that his favourite comedian growing up was Richard Lewis. On a closing note, David discloses that he's going to be co-hosting a new radio show with a real interesting setting. The episode closes before Tony can come around for another ambush. That's me, Sam from Singapore rating this train wreck (David's words, not mine) with 5 stars - that went really well, I think.