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Episode 63: Miranda, pt. 3

Thursday, March 1 2018

The show may be a crap or disgusting to others view. But from my side, it is a nice show with a different idea that a radio show with conversation without topics. David Cooper's chat was so funny with some bad words, but that's not seen as a big issue in this episode. It was great when he mostly accepted to improve the episode which was requested by Indians fan Banu and Svatish. Not only from them, from my side also i request you to run this show with a reasonable topic. As the show has international following, the topic may also bring any changes. But David Cooper is really a great man who publicly read out the comments given by the followers though it has bad reviews. Overall the show was good to hear and it was a funny 2 hours spent in my life listening to a topic less speech. Miranda girlfriend of david is nice to listen. Anoop from India rate this episode 3.5 stars. That was well I think.