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Episode 64: Dan Linley, pt. 5

Thursday, March 8 2018

The comedian Dan Linley is the stand-in guest. The man wastes no time in getting things rolling by narrating the reason why he came in late - who would have guessed? - he got held up with some hazardous poopyactive waste that refused to slide! Just the kind of entree you need to sit back and enjoy the show. Dan is irked further when he is asked about his foot fungals. After David makes a rather pointed comment about his brother, Dan wonders why he always tries to rile people up. At this point, I'm thinking - where is Tony when you need him?! But it's Sam and Justin who call in, followed by fellow comedian David Roth. Porcupines, Dan-edonia and a phonetic lesson keep things moving. Dan suddenly blows his top after watching someone litter and he steps out to see if he can get a whiff of Mr. Inflamed Testicles. Dan then tries to establish his handwash/pee-streaming credentials. For all you know, with a bit of work he could have his own Netflix show! Or maybe not - the man is too caught up trying to establish that he is not a misogynist. Dan mentions that he has some shows lined up and the two sign off to a Stones track. That's me, Sam from Singapore rating this episode with 4 stars! And if I'm ever at the Courtyard by Marriott, I'll have something to smile about - that went kinda well, I think.