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Episode 65: Marcus Peverill

Thursday, March 15 2018

The show about nothing rolls into town again - this time with Marcus Peverill in the guest seat. Marcus travelled south to be part be part of the show and our boy is turning 21 soon, having spent over a year trying to be a comedian while juggling two jobs. Celeste (David's Social Media Intern) happens to be friends with Marcus and she has a bunch of questions for him, which David tackles one by one. Among other things, Marcus reveals that he has no interest in putting it up Hitler's back burner. C*nts, an absent father, Dr. Pepper, Miranda's new German Womanizer and clits reveling under pleasured air just about kept me in my seat - until the phone rang. And guess who was back? - Who else could it be other than Tony?! He wasn't going to stay away for long, was he? After we learn about Tony's exploits in Athens, David tries to get Marcus to open up about his Dad followed briefly by some 'women-logic' from New Jersey. Miranda gets on the Find-Sanchez case and gets her browser fired up while David brings down the curtains for this week. As a closing note, Marcus plugs the shows he's got lined up for the next few weeks. That's me, Sam from a backpacker's den in the Far East rating this show with 3 stars or maybe 3.5! - that went alright, I think.