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Episode 67: Next & Donkey Show

Thursday, March 29 2018

You're right David - I really wonder how we got to Episode 67 with this shit show!? - but hey, here we are! A couple going by the moniker, Next & Donkey Show have the guest seat this week. David takes a shot at an intro before we get a Jewish caller on the line. Crosstalk, pubes, vagina fleshlight, suction pumps, cake-farts, crosstalk and some more crosstalk later, Tony comes to the rescue with his penis-puzzle! Oh boy, how does he come up with shite like that at 5:30 in the morning?!! After he hangs up on a cuppy-slappy note, Donkey proceeds to give us the load on her pubes, setting off a T-M-I alert in my head (too much information!) and drawing Miranda into the conversation. David then asks Donkey if they can call her Mom - she is reluctant but relents after David agrees to her condition. They are unable to get Mom on, but Donkey's Dad calls back and takes the show down the PG route for 15 minutes - to be honest, Dad sure came across as a charming and big-hearted fella! Before handing over their space to the cleaners, David Copper T.P says that his show at the Deli will be on in May. That's me, Sam from a backpacker's hostel in the Far East rating this episode with 3 stars - that had a slow start but came alive towards the end, I think.