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Episode 68: Bronson

Thursday, April 5 2018

Another week and David is back at the coffee shop, this time with (just) Bronson - the lady who manages the place (or maybe not) as his guest. The (Born-Uncomfortable) David gets the show rolling by turning his charms on, but he seemed to overcook it to begin with. Turns out the articulate Bronson who likes to walk, moved to San Francisco about a decade ago. The two just about ease into their conversation, when we get the first caller - and who else could it be?! - the James Bond from England is back doing what he does best on early Friday mornings (his time) - dialling long distance while searching for his clothes! After Tony hangs up, Bronson opens up about her Dad who came across as a rather colorful person. David gives Bronson's stepmom a call - a trip down memory lane and some kerf(L)uffle later, Bronson's straight-shooter stepbrother also joins the conversation - yeaayhh! Miranda calls in and wonders whether Davids' been on Viagra?! - well, maybe that's an appropriate question for Tony - just thinking out loud! Streams, ADD, bleeps (more like, missing ones), Bronson's nerdy pursuits, and stemmy mushrooms keep things streaming. You know what, I think Bronson made a wonderful guest and her folks were great too. Good on you, David! Aside from the ritual lined up at the month end, Bronson has a show in May. That's me, Sam from an Airbnb place in the Far East rating this episode with 5 stars - that went great, I think.