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Episode 69: Ray Connolly, pt. 3

Thursday, April 12 2018

The show about nothing does a 69! - Now that's something! Fellow comic Ray Connolly is back in the guest seat for the third time (really!?, maybe it's the coffee!). The two dive in talking about Ray's family situation and his staycation pursuits. Apparently the first time Ray came on the show was Episode 2, which sounds like a real pickle from the way David keeps talking about it. David runs Ray through the show's how-we-got-here story and the two go on to share some field notes from the comic circuit. And suddenly things light up(or not) - we have James Bond working the transatlantic lines again - giving English lessons and spilling his expertize on things Russian. Ray tries to hold it together, but you could tell that he wasn't too impressed with Bond. Our fact checker for the day (Miranda) calls in with, well - some facts. Hmm has the 'Womanizer' run out of batteries?! David tries his uncomfy-questions-list on Ray again, but he doesn't bite. The son of Cony has a show coming up next week and to the question whether he'll ever be back at the Ritual on a Thursday night - time will tell! . That's me, Sam from an Airbnb place in the Far East rating this episode with 2 stars - that could've been much worse, I think.