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Episode 70: Nick Katz

Thursday, April 19 2018

Episode 70 it is and a sleepy David goes through his intro drill and introduces this week's dog loving, truth speaking guest, Nick Katz. And this week's headline reads - is James Bond really loosing it? From what I hear, looks like he's decided to change his first name to Borat! Oh well! After sharing some interesting comic field notes, Nick and David get the first caller on the line - how else could it be other than Borat taking some trivia-time off between drinking alone in a bar, watching people use chopsticks and not sleeping much. And I had one of those bulb moments and got reminded of watching Steve Jobs introduce 'Podcasting' in 2005 - the man termed it as a concatenation of 'iPod' and 'Broadcasting' - you're right, David. Moving on, Nick reveals his Jewish credentials and a pretty elaborate one at that. An upbeat sounding Miranda then calls in (I think the 'Womanizer' is back in action!). Jokes aside, it's always nice to hear her. David then returns the call to someone who tried calling in and the two end up talking to an even keeled (or maybe up & down) Patrick from Texas. The super-texter/long term fan, Vic then calls into the show - he comes across as a you know, an even keeled person. He brings down the curtains for this week, just about. That's me, Sam from a cafe in the Far East rating this episode with 3 stars - that went pretty easy-peasy, I think.