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Episode 71: Celeste, pt. 2

Thursday, April 26 2018

It's that time of the week again - time for that shitty show where no one's listening. Celeste (David's friend and former intern who moved to Oakland) is back in the guest seat. They get off the block by sharing notes about the legend of - who else other than Jamie/Borat Bond, our man from England with a villainous laugh. Celeste has been learning the ropes about being a comic with David buoying her on. We have the first caller for the evening and it's time for some (very toned down) Tony baloney - live streaming this week from close to the Wall the Mings put up. Wonder if they had any fake IDs back in the day, you know to get through the Wall - maybe not. The baloney aside, the thought of going to the Fringe in Edinburgh sounds brilliant. Celeste goes onto talk about her experience living away for the first time. And Miranda proves once again that she can hold the mirror up to David when it matters. After the Sh*tbag reveal, Miranda's sister calls in, followed by the other David a.k.a GroupChatter. Some straight talking and good banter ensues. Before closing, David reminds Celeste about the show he has in the works with Dan Linley and offers her a join in. That's me, Sam in Borneo rating this episode with 3.5ish stars - that went pretty abortion free, I think.