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Episode 72: Michael Makarov

Thursday, May 3 2018

Woo 72! - that's quite the journey right there! As this week's guest, David has the comedian Michael Makarov who is taking some time off after fixing an election or two. Michael reveals that he likes being at the Ritual. Miranda gets a call in quite early and the show suddenly comes alive - Face yoga, Cunnilingus advice, free bleeding tales and Raspberry Pis sets the stage for our caller from England - the man who tries his best to never make anyone uncomfortable - the man who usually has me going, WTF is he on?! After Tony hangs up, Makarov and David try to decide whose show it is! Oh boy! David Roth (of Courtyard by Marriott fame) is our next caller and three catch up on random goings on and Uncle Igor. Drama Queen Cooper then revisits his relationship with his older brother and for a few minutes, I thought we were in Dr. Phil territory. Before bringing the shutters down for the week, David talks about the two interesting shows he's lined up. And I agree, teenagers in groups can be tricky. That's me, Sam in the Far East rating this episode with 3.5 stars - that went bleed free, I think.