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Episode 73: Nepture, pt. 2

Thursday, May 10 2018

Hello David, it's long time to see you again. Hi Neptune, congratulation for your marriage. Well, This is a nice talk show, I always like this. In this talk show, David talks about starting to his guest "Neptune" about his marriage. Neptune Explain about his marriage that how to going all about this things. David talk from Neptune about his work. Sometimes he talks some funny thing like he asks Neptune about her sister like she is hot or not. Neptune shares some bad thing about his job. David also asks t Neptune about some adult thing. David shares such thing about Miranda and his love thing. This part of the show I really like. The first caller name I guess "tony" is looking very exciting. He talks very fast his voice not clear but I think he is really looking happy to talk with David. In the last part of the show there was alen, But I don't know about alen, why he was he there. So, this was a nice talk, I am sunil from India rating this talk show 4 star. Thank you.