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Episode 74: Chicken John

Thursday, May 17 2018

Just the segway to the weekend I needed - the show about nothing is back! Chicken John is in the guest seat this week and our very own Colonel Sanders proves to be an opinionated man with the gift of the gab - starting with the upcoming California gubernatorial primaries and punctuated by side-boobs, we get a run down on the state of affairs, Qatar and even mundlebread! That was a good one, David! The first caller turns out to be a sport and lightens things a bit. The Chicken is so right about Trump supporters. Nixon and Universal Basic Income, really? - I learned something new today. The ever so sharp Miranda then calls in and I thought she had someone cling onto his plumes there for a few minutes; even gave me a goal for the rest of the month -brush my teeth with showmanship! One second thoughts, maybe not - it sounds too toothpaste heavy. Before we close for the week, Jamie Bond gets on the line after a night out from across the pond. Is that 138 miles or kilometers per hour?! Cos I thought they had real strict speed limits in England. Oh I forget, Bond makes his own rules after all. And you know what, I reckon you should have 'Tony time' towards the end of the show and close on a high note. That's me, Sam in the Far East rating this highly infotaining episode with 4.5 stars - that went pretty well, I think.