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Episode 75: Annie & Dan Linley

Thursday, May 24 2018

This Is Going Well, I Think is a show hosted by David Cooper. It is episode number and today's guests are Annie & Dan Linley. The couple announce they are getting married and the show kicks off, with Dan venting on and on about a band he had booked and they didn't show up. The first caller was a ask which is their favorite joke? They then go on to discuss Annie's Squirting. The next caller is from Indiana and there a bunch of gay jokes. English man Tony called and he is crazy and sort of funny. They then hear out a recorded message from Vik who is pissed out on David. And calls up and abuses David a lot. The show is weird and has lots of profanities and abuses. This is Karti from India rating this show 2 of 5.