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Episode 76: Joseph Ugalde, pt. 2

Thursday, May 31 2018

David Cooper had a long talk with his guest, Joseph Ugalde who is supposedly a 70 year old musician. I mean I am unsure whether this was a joke or what since I don't know who this Joseph Ugalde really is even after googling him yet some parts of the show were funny and entertaining yet in the same time, some parts of their discussion were annoying and appeared to be heading nowhere. Although I was extremely skeptic initially regarding this guest, at some point he actually freestyled a song and his singing voice was nice- that went well, I think! At some point, a caller went live on air, her name was Miranda, she appeared to have an obsession with her feet and kept talking about a "foot peeling" chemical she got off Amazon - this part was really weird. Like this wasn't weird enough, the rest of the conversation with the caller included discussions on masturbation, vibrators and.... Drake?! Anyway, considering I've heard way more absurd and pathetic radio shows, George from Romania will rate this episode 2 stars!