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Episode 78: Anah Redding

Thursday, June 14 2018

"F**king" the word I hear the most in this show I really dont know why the F David uses it is like gordon ramsay sometimes. Hilarious caller taking to herslef really the shit of this show. Gosh undergoing biopsy in 20 years is just insane I would never ever do that. no one would do that who love their body. God! she is really great to accept her everything in her own. "sammmm antha" . hahaha hilarious samantha. I wear t-shits sound like I am gay. Its very stupid. Cooper sounds very much funny. The show is useful but seems boring. David talks more than the guest and miranda is ridiculous she doesn't even know that she is still in the line. God..! such a poor podcast.Make it better by making some enthusiastic this. but David sounds responsive. He knews thats he is the one who can make this show good. Gosh just do that man. Rather than saying take the responsibility and do it. overall a not bad a good one. I am Aaradhya. "Not bad" consists of bad in it so please make it good. This is must Go well David! [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]