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Episode 80: Annie & Dan Linley, pt. 2

Thursday, July 5 2018

Made it indeed! - a hung-over David is back at the Ritual for #80, with Annie and Dan Linley returning as guests. The trio gets the bantering going on a laid-back note. David brings up the recent outing of Shitbag and Dan is not happy with how the show went. An apologetic David floats the idea that he could take a step back and have someone else fill in. From what I can make out, the show is still in it's infancy and it's probably a good time to try if something new works. Annie's plug for her new show, 'Bottomless Standards' is interrupted by the evening's first caller- Womanizer's greatest fan! Talk about silken ocean waves and minute long crests - you know, I was thinking - maybe the Germans could use that line for one of their ads, but good luck matching Miranda's conviction. Tina, the next caller may have tripped on some outcropping and hung up. And yeah, think I was a bit Arachnophobic too but I've gotten over it over the years - trekking in a rainforest sure helps! Vic rings in and takes things on a different tangential. For a second there, I wasn't sure whether to feel happy or sad for our Obama fan. That aside, it sounds like Dan has some interesting shows in the pipeline. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this rather drivel of an episode with 2 stars - that could've been better, I think.