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Episode 82: Sticky Buns

Thursday, July 19 2018

Today is episode number eighty two of the show called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". And today's guest is Sticky Buns. They go on to remember their summer camp and his horrible experiences in it. THey speak of masturbation. Then later their college days. later Tracy calls on the show, whose boyfriend is busy with something else. There was an emotional moment as the host and guest fought over some unresolved issues from their past. Tracy is a regular caller, and hangs up. The next caller is Tony who loves Sticky's accent. He is also a regular caller. They go on to discuss Tony. as expected from a David Cooper show there are lots of cuss words like fuck, suck dick, gay jokes. This is one of the boring episodes of this show, with no proper jokes. This is one of the most boring episodes of this show, with no proper jokes. Karthi from India rating this show a -5 stars.