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Episode 84: Jon Cooper, pt. 2 (Fire Island Special)

Thursday, August 2 2018

David takes the show to the East Coast this week - to the Hamptons where his brother Jon is having a gay bachelor party with some of his mates. The show is almost a non-starter with Jon's mates who promised to help, washing their hands off at the 11th hour. But David persists, and persist he does - albeit with the help of Miranda and Tony - Jon chips in as well. You know, with the kind of upbeat radio persona Tony puts on week after week, you sometimes tend to take it for granted that he may be the same in real life too. It was refreshing to hear him open up and take us for a peek behind the curtains - only to be derailed by McNuggets! - yes Tony, only on the David Cooper show indeed! Well, Tony manages to get himself invited for Jon's wedding later in the summer, and I have a feeling he's going to make it. If he does, it sure is gonna be a riot! Sounds like we have a few interesting weeks lined up. David gives next week's episode a heads up before deciding to give the nuggets his undivided attention. Nuggets on alcohol?! - that could be a wind-breaker isn't it? I hope not. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this episode with well, no stars (to borrow from Tony - we're not in a competition, are we?). That was a decent listen, I think.