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Episode 87: Munette, Anally, pt. 2

Thursday, September 6 2018

This is the 87th episode of the show called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is is Munette, Anally. [Editor's Note: a pseudonym] Munette is podcast host herself and also does editing for it. She is self-proclaimed smelly person and baths only 4 times a week which is more than David. They go on to discuss an episode which they had shot together and David uploads its only for her mom to find it. There the show kicks off its dick, masturbate jokes. The part where they rename Munette as Ma-anally was hilarious. The first guest is the old time favorite Miranda. They all go on to discuss their porno likes and dislikes. The next caller is the crazy guy Tony, another regular. And the show goes to another level. I am beginning to like the show, its wicked vulgar sense of humor is fun and quite enjoyable. This was one of the better shows after a couple of previous shows. Thanks for taking my name in show, i would love to call the show. This is Karthi from India rating this episode o 3 out of 5, thanks for the entertainment.