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Episode 89: Dan Linley, pt. 6

Thursday, October 4 2018

Episode 89 (not 69) of "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is Dan Linley after Trish Pandey rescheduled to sometime in November. Quite early in the show there is a call who hangs up. Dan has a list of things to be discussed on the show. They go on to discuss Davids butthole, not the best part of the show. The first call on the show is from Clint, who works for San Francisco parks alliance, a non-profit. and they discuss a bunch of parks. The next caller is Vic. They go on crack jokes on the Jews. They have a long Q&A. Then Dan has a verbal diarrhea on the Kardashians, who he hates to the core. The next caller is the show regular, Tony. Tony has testy relation with Dan. Then we get a dose of typical Tony humor, but its quite subdued. The last caller is another regular Miranda, who has fought with her. One of the boring David Cooper shows in recent times. This is Karti from India rating the show a 1 out of 5.