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Episode 90: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 4

Thursday, October 11 2018

It sure feels like ages - am I glad to be listening to Cooper again or what!? Sounds like the show has even moved up the ladder with a new station picking up the feed - way to go! David gets things rolling with his usual drill and introduces his guest Tracy Nguyen. However, the episode gets off the blocks with a whimper. Tracy brings up something that I've often wondered too - why does David get worked up when someone refers to the show as a podcast?! Miranda then makes an early call in and the three get chatting. But it doesn't take long before our leading man from across the pond calls in. Between tinder swipes, ass wipes, getting rimmed, boob squeezes and being on call to Her Majesty's Drone service, our man in London still makes his Friday morning dates. That's commitment! Tony comes to Cooper's rescue when he needs him the most - kinda like a laxative for the show (although Tony might argue it's the other way around!). After Tony hangs up, Cooper and Tracy strive to salvage the rest of the episode. Cooper goes on to play a hilarious clip from Burning Man. The curtains come down for the week with a karaoke duet which to be honest, cracked me up. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this sing-along episode with 4 stars - that turned out well in the end, I think.