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Episode 92: Pamela

Thursday, October 25 2018

Time again for that show about nothing - Pamela, who doesn't really hold back on her farts, is David's guest for the week. Things get moving with Cooper unpacking a rape joke, which made me cringe slightly. When it comes to things like having a gift of the gab, our guest proves to be more than a match for David. A few interesting callers from across the glass divide and Miranda's call line the first hour - I'll probably see pink salmons in a whole new light from this day forth. But 'Adolf Gasser' has to take the weird snippet award for the week. David's childhood friend Jacob calls in and spills some of their peccadillos, which set things up nicely. Our man from across the pond then calls in and the show kinda enters a whole new level of reality. It was hilarious and painful at the same time. Oh yeah, talk of the Atlantic Ocean being a cock-blocker! - Well, maybe not for our drone man - but that's a good one Pamela! Oh Jenny, my Jenny! - full marks to her for being a sport. Oh boy, that was a cracker of a closing from Pamela! That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this episode with 5 stars - that sure went off the rails in the end but in a good way, I think.