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Episode 93: Clara Bodacious

Thursday, November 1 2018

Cooper is back at 1026 Valencia and the train wreck rolls on - to episode 93 this week (Wow!), with the versatile and multitalented Clara Bodacious in the guest seat. The show gets off the ground with quite a few callers from the other side of the glass. Clara's friend and fellow performer, Barbie then rings in and an interesting conversation ensues. Vampire fetish, period-sex towels, and hemorrhoids - can't say I've heard all three in one sentence before. Clara brings up something I hear all too often these days - how much it bothers parents to bring up children in the era of technology. And before long we're on communes and goat farming - boy we're running the whole gamut here! The outside phone line sees from frantic activity towards the very gay end of the episode, with our very own Banksy reveal - that was a good one, Clara! And just when the thought crossed my mind that Bond may have fumbled his Daylight Savings clock - I hear that all too familiar laugh. Boy does he work on his props or what?! - sounds like Mr. T has got a drop though. We sure have a transatlantic meeting to look forward to later this month. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this episode with 4 stars! - that was more blood & hemorrhoids than I could take for an evening - but sill fun, I think.