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Episode 94: Clara Cooper & Paul Conyers

Thursday, November 8 2018

Well, the weekend is here and more than anything, Cooper's radio show is something that helps me unplug. We have two tattoo-free guests at the Ritual for the 94th - David's mom Clara and funnyman, 212-pounder Paul Conyers! After attending to an early caller through the glass, the three settle in to get things rolling. Well, what do you know - it's truly a family show this week and Sr. is right - even a Jesus can't get through the Mexican border right now, let alone applying for asylum on the second coming. And if you ask me - we sure could do with a lot more loosey-goosey hippie rabbis, especially in the Middle of East or the Middle of West rather, looking from my side. You know what, I'm not sure if I've heard a more articulate funnyman on the show before, not to mention the spot-on German accent - he had me cracking up all the while. The lill' trip down comic-memory lane was pretty insightful too. Before bringing the curtains down, both David and Paul make a quick plug for the shows they have lined up - sounds like fun. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this episode with nearly 4 stars - I've got enough to publish a paper on bum-wipes now, I think.