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Episode 95: Annie

Thursday, November 15 2018

The 95th episode opens well with the guest introducing her as powerful comedian and the original age was revealed and there is some fussy things happen between guest and host David and the first caller enters the show. The guest is open to new experience and the conversation runs around age and enters into the co artist of the guest as comedian. There is a healthy conversation between them and she said on her 30th birthday happenings about her day and the pizza shop and the conversation went over .And lot of background noise is also there and conversation runs on cbd. The gay topic conversation doesn't went well and it's awkward and overall the word "fuck" is mostly used all over the show. There is no particular topic in this conversation but here and there pizza shop was discussed. The yawning sound of the host towards the end of the show seems bad and the discussion about orgasm is fishy. Nearly 12 callers participate in the show.The discussion about children sounds better in the overall show but probably there is no goal in the show and the rating is 1 out of 5 from Rathina, India.