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Episode 98: Kevin Whittinghill

Thursday, December 6 2018

From the above audio file i hear David cooper speech. He broadcasting in community radio station episode 98 with comedian quest Kevin Whitenhial both of as speak about talk show and the guest are Priyanka Wali and Dan Lindley plan to telecast in proper TV show on youtube .David cooper and comedian Kevin speak about the each quest life style and Kevin speak about her gay brother and a glasses buy from online they asked some question about glasses to the speaker 1 he's from vape store. he bought cucumber is a nicotine vape not marijuana. Three of them speak more funny cooper asked to send a comedy script to my email. Cooper speak about her girlfriend he speak 15 min phone call at night. on the brief conversation David cover had a call from Kristen sex woman idiot. Kevin ask about Banya sweet micro penis. they are asking some silly question to kristian and few conversation about all sex. Four of them are speak about about their sex experiences.she is working in advertising San Francisco and pea-A production assistan, And the one more caller Tony he is from UK England. David ask about a swing club. to Caller Kevin asked one interesting question "A finger is a toe or toes the finger" .they speak about UK England london, telecast details.and titanic museum. No 1 is Las Vegas, New York, They speak about Beijing china screaming guy and he went off. David and Kevin speak about sex video, they started conversation and speech over 5 to 10 min . at the mid of the show Kristin send a voicemail about negative David play on live streaming David tell their is a "music marathon" on 25th and 26th. and David speak about the dollars he buy concentrated liquid. Finally show comes at the end kevin gives number to David and they went off.My name is Abdul from Anousheh from from islamabad and i rate 4 of 5 stars.