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Episode 99: Krista Fatka

Thursday, December 13 2018

This Radio show is really funny and It sounds boring and losing the interest. Cooper just talks to the Krista and it's really funny. Krista came from Auckland. She is struggling to make money for her needs. They both talked about the relationship and they talked about the sex. Also they talked very funny, Caller talked but that's also very boring. Caller said some word about the word in his T-shirt. They talked about their boring life. Caller was returning to home after the work. David just said that Krista is very dirty. But krista said that her mom praised about her cleanliness. Half of the show David telling that the Krista is dirty really funny. 2nd caller is really interesting and she shared about her life things. Good story will be rewarded with the original poster. Really funny. Fucking Jesus christ is the Only word keep on repeating from David. It's really pathetic show and this audio will be really a crap and wasting a time in your life by hearing this. Once you heard this audio you will feel very funny and you will be getting the time waste. 4th caller story is really boring. If you need to waste the time please hear it otherwise leave this crap. Tony calls and he is strange to understand. I am Aditya from India and I rate this show three out of five stars.