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Episode 8: David Klein

Thursday, December 1 2016

Our guest David Klein "is worth asking questions of since he's a nice, interesting person who has lived many lives" according to David Cooper's ex-wife. Jews David and David reminisce about their stomach problems. Cooper's ex-wife pauses watching Westworld to call in and critique the show. Cooper assures us and his mother -- if she's listening -- that he's really getting things together. This might actually be going well, I think. Klein has strong opinions on sex with robots. We carefully navigate the topics of incest and homosexuality with Cooper's brother. Klein lectures the Suzuki SV650S owner to get it together and sell his bike already. Previous guest Cici Whittle calls in and shares a dead ferret story. Things devolve in the end as a bottle of wine is finished and we discuss domain names ( and are available).

Episode 7: Allison Hooker

Wednesday, November 23 2016

Choker necklaces are back in! Distractible and wine drunk comedians Allison Hooker and David sit down for a confusing evening together. The Jewess from last week calls in and updates us, but her future with face-blind David seems precarious. David has a special coming out announcement and it's hard on his brother who calls in taking issue. Allison's friend Phoebe join us in studio to talk about ketamine. Brazil is discussed. Allison's boyfriend "Young Muscles" has his gentiles discussed, comes by the studio and David feels threatened. Fan voicemails are played. A hiccup with sourcing parts for the Suzuki SV650S is resolved. That went well, I think.

Episode 6: Cici Whittle & Priyanka Wali

Thursday, November 17 2016

Against all odds, an episode with the extremely lovely Cici Whittle and affable Priyanka Wali has a fun, easy going and less vulgar air about it. It went well, I think. Xanax is barely talked about. David's problems seem insignificant. Priyanka has the hots for septuagenarian Cici as a low carb diet is pushed. A Jewess sees the studio and calls in. We worry about Tay-Sachs if she pursues David romantically. David's ex-wife ends up on the line and talk of dead dogs and cats brings sombreness, laughter and catharsis. Talk of menopause overpowers the sale of the Suzuki SV650S which remains off the classifieds. We learn Priyanka's the top twenty-five and a fifth (25.5th) female stand-up comedian you need to know.

Episode 5: David Roth & Krista Fatka

Tuesday, November 15 2016

What's better than David not listening to one comedian? Not listening to two. Comedy partners David Roth and Krista Fatka of Destiny's Mom strap on for the confusion. ("That's slash Destiny's Mom Comedy. That's Destiny with a 'ys', not 'ies'.") An older, less jaded David Roth confronts what might have been if he were Canadian and unlikeable. Stress diarrhea and zinc oxide cream are discussed. Tone deaf, your host monologues about his problems and reverse gender violence. Krista clues in early to the secrets of live radio podcasting by ignoring him. Did that go well? I think? Jews and gentile clash over ten years of Palestinian trapeze artistry. Timothy shares a certain darkness with the sale of the Suzuki SV650S. We wish Roth and Fatka a happy Thanksgiving in Vegas.

Episode 4: Ginny Hogan

Thursday, November 3 2016

David wonders why comedically talented and charming Ginny Hogan is willing to do the show. An obvious answer emerges: unfettered Judeophelia. Her recent experience hallucinating on sleeping pills sparks talking shop about medication. Comedian Jeff Dean rings but ends the call with better things to do. The show suffers from caller overload. The keen listener may note the show continues to generally just suffer. This is going well, I think. A woman calls insisting she's slept with David while failing to describe his birth defect. The Suzuki SV650S ending up in the classifieds next week looms.

Episode 3: Erika Kettleson

Thursday, October 27 2016

The show turns into a reverse suicide hotline, callers seem concerned David doesn't kill himself. Guest Erika Kettleson joins along for the ride of support. Her boyfriend calls. Prior guest Ray Connolly relays that his mom is worried. David's brother and his entourage call repeatedly. David's ex-wife begs for the show to have questions or a format or anything. That went well, I think? There's talk of sh*t. There's a penny story. We're left wondering that if people think you have worth, can you still think you're worthless? The Suzuki SV650S remains unsold.

Episode 2: Ray Connolly

Thursday, October 20 2016

Guest Ray Connolly's mother is sweet. We wish her well. David's ex-wife calls in angry. Then David's ex-girlfriend calls in what promises to be the most complicated ad campaign by Trader Joe's. That went well, I think. David finds out he named his own show. A Suzuki SV650S is on the market for $3300/$3200. An ecstasy flashback happens. What the show is about remains unclear.

Episode 1: Dan Linley

Thursday, October 13 2016

The show premieres. Dan Linley is our guest. Insults traded. Laughter had. Suicide discussed. A dog barks. That went well, I think.