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Episode 31: Tracy Nguyen

Thursday, May 25 2017

Despite the outdoor speaker not working, this week comedian Tracy Nguyen comes into the studio. Tracy talks about being born in Vietnam and living in an refugee camp. Tracy says she won't let her boyfriend go to Burning Man. David's girlfriend calls and says she hates David's haircut and talks about Real Housewives with Tracy. Chilla, a confusing man from West Africa asks about how to get booked on the radio show. David and Tracy call someone they both know to discover the most stunning revelation of the show to date: David has one friend. Celeste, a lovely former guest of the show is called and David harangues her about her recent breakup. Afterwards we call Dale, Celeste's ex-boyfriend to get his side of the story with the breakup. He starts off classy but gets in some digs. Celeste however, remained a class act. A quote from previous guest Ray Connolly comes up: "It's not a podcast, it's live radio archived as a waste of time." That went well, I think.

Episode 30: Jonathan Ortiz

Thursday, May 18 2017

A blast from David's standup past, comedian Jonathan Ortiz comes by this week. Several of Jonathan's family members call in. David forces Jonathan and his religious cousin to look at their belief in god. Jonathan takes his shirt off. Guns come up in a threatening way. That went well, I think. We wish Mr. Ortiz a great move to New York City.

Episode 29: Michael Brandon

Thursday, May 11 2017

This week comedian Michael Brandon joins us. He and David get into a heated debate over whether polyamory and open relationships work. That went well, I think. Michael asks a caller with a dog, "Who rescued who?"

Episode 28: Florentina Tanase

Thursday, May 4 2017

Romanian comedian Florentina Tanase comes by the studio this week. She discusses her husband, a "wayward" Slovakian man, and doing standup while married. David’s brother asks whether the show has been cancelled yet. A valid question. That went well, I think. David’s voices concerns that his therapist is seeing a patient that looks like him. The only fan of the show, Vic calls. David's girlfriend calls and the hashtag #FreeCeleste is born.

Episode 27: Katy Karns

Thursday, April 27 2017

We are joined by comedian Katy Karns this week. She discusses living on a bus. David's brother calls in and things get confrontational, but Katy asserts David has a supportive family. That went well, I think. Katy refuses to tell us her boyfriend's name. Katy attempts a hand at psychotherapy. The owner of the Suzuki SV650S rings while waiting for Mohammed.

Episode 26: Clara Cooper & Sean Kennedy

Thursday, April 20 2017

This week David's mother Clara Cooper joins us along with an advocate for necrophiliacs, Sean Kennedy. An odd mix of people at best. The date is April 20. Hitler's birthday. Sean helps Clara get off the hook from some difficult questions. David's brother calls in. David's mother worries the episode wasn't as funny as it could be. That went well, I think.

Episode 25: Ian Levy

Thursday, April 13 2017

This week comedian Ian Levy joins us. David's ex-wife and brother call in to antagonize him. Ian's charming cackles ease tension about growing up homeschooled. Ian admits to borrowing a creative concept from David at a roast show. God and atheism are yet again discussed. The phrase "ethno-racial politics" is uttered. David calls Ian an anti-Semite over bagels. David's girlfriend calls in and we get follow up last week's double pizza date with Dale and Celeste. The broadcast dies and the radio show ends as a podcast. That went well, I think.

Episode 24: Celeste Winter & Dale

Thursday, April 6 2017

Tonight, a window into the lives of the callers of the show, we invite teenage couple Celeste and Dale from Modesto to join us. Guns, libertarianism, and fiat currency discussed. We call the porn-star ex-girlfriend of Dale. That went well, I think. We also call the Jewish exboyfriend of Celeste. It gets weird. The studio is crowded with fans and David loses it. We find out David is a pee dribbler. Catch the kids on twitter!

Episode 23: Trish Pandya

Thursday, March 30 2017

Tonight comedian Trish Pandya joins us. Weight watchers, pills, romantic struggles and comedy are discussed. That went well, I think. Celeste and Dale call in. Watch out for Hepatitis A through Z!

Episode 22: Drew Ritter & Kristine Holst

Thursday, March 16 2017

This week brings David’s coworkers, Palestinian-Honduran-American Kristine Holst together with long time listener, long time caller, first time guest Drew Ritter. Being in the studio is the second most exciting Kristine's done. "Our topic tonight: Religion." The three discuss Judaism, Catholicism, Atheism, and hell. David tells us how sharing pictures of his anus almost cost him a friend. The three talk parasites and relate with their IBS, anxiety, hypochondria. Celeste calls in for the third week in a row, this time with her boyfriend David. We start to learn more about the teenage couple and how they found the show. David and David build rapport, even though teenage David is a Trump supporter and a raging anti-Semite. Kristine adds kissing a woman to her bucket list and talks about her perfect cervix and boyfriend. Previous guest Erika rings to tell her boyfriend Drew that he doesn’t have a parasite. Drew gets to participate in his favourite segment when the Suzuki SV650S owner calls to sell his bike, and the gang discuss genitals with him. David confronts his brother about not calling the show. Drew stands up for what he believes in: being from New Jersey, shaving his sphincter, and wearing women’s underwear. A couple on their first date give confessionals. Drew falls for a groupie. David’s girlfriend calls, tender from the death of her favourite Instagram bunny and scares off the only fan of the show. David farts on air. That went well, I think.

Episode 21: Cici Whittle

Thursday, March 9 2017

Comedian and dear friend to David, Cici Whittle joins us at 820 Valencia St. Having finished her taxes early, she's on the market and dating. Carbon dating. We quickly find out none of her suitors are good enough for her. David and Cici discuss aging, and open up about their bittersweet experiences with divorce. Chopsticks notwithstanding. Cici tell us about heroin addicted newborns. The two discuss the current president, removal of office and feces. Feces being unrelated, perhaps. Cici talks about her past and present participation in social justice movements. Our strange caller Satan from last week's episode rings. Unmasked as Celeste from Modesto, she reveals a bit about herself. Having trouble deciphering what's true, David and Cici's patience with Satan/Celeste begins to run thin. David's girlfriend calls in to remove Celeste from the line and conducts extensive Internet "research" on her (read: stalking). That went well, I think. Comedian and flirt Jesus U. BettaWork walks by the studio and takes David's seat causing David to incept his own show. Cici ends the show in disarray. No update on the Suzuki SV650S.

Episode 20: Rusty Shackleford, pt. 2

Thursday, March 2 2017

Back by popular demand, Rusty Shackleford stops by this week for a three hour marathon extravaganza. There's a book with breasts and discussion about Vanessa Del Rio's huge clitoris. David's mother calls in and after a stunning misunderstanding of how technology works, gives David a hard time for not calling her back and lays on the Jewish guilt. Satan phones and she gets sexual with Rusty. That went well, I think. Omar calls in to discuss TV and movies. David's brother compliments Rusty and talks about the complexity of having a kid when gay. Rusty opens up about his childhood while being a nerd in Kentucky and his father the bank robber. When Rusty brings threesomes up, David says he hasn't had one and he's a victim of circumstance; yet we find out the only person David can blame for not having a threesome is himself. David's girlfriend calls in to offer various negative opinions about him. Vic gives the episode a little structure by asking questions, and listens to David rant about his friend Doug. There's a secret contest hidden in the episode for an attentive listener. We find out the Suzuki SV650S is titled and ready to be sold.

Episode 19: Joseph Ugalde

Thursday, February 16 2017

Jingles galore! This week comedian Joseph Ugalde joins us with his electronic keyboard. The show starts in a confusing manner when a high and echoey stranger calls in. Things don't improve. Joseph tells us about his caffeinated triumph on stage at SF Sketchfest with Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero. Beta blockers and performance anxiety are discussed. David and Joseph talk about diarrhea. David practises his listening skills as Joseph speaks about his family and growing up with a single mother. The two discuss their favourite comedians. Joseph describes lucid dreaming. David's girlfriend calls in and her and Joseph help ease David's stress about doing a roast show. A man named Adam Pollock calls in and informs us about public defecation in San Francisco. That went well, I think. David discusses his recently wrecked motorcycle with the Suzuki SV650S owner. David tells us about his upcoming radio shows at Burning Man. The episode ends with the debut of a new theme song.

Episode 18: Sara DeForest

Thursday, February 9 2017

This week comedian Sara DeForest of podcast Fish Burps joins us. David's brother calls and pushes a sensitive David's buttons. Sara accuses David of being a gingerphile. That went well, I think. Sara tells us a bit about her family dynamics and growing up with a much older brother. Roast battle shows are discussed and Sara compliments David's recent success at one. We learn that there's many people with the same name as your host when Elver from Columbia calls in. David's initially very rude to Elver, but his compelling back story about adoption quiets David down. Vic has questions for the show. The Suzuki SV650S has been registered with the CHP. The episode ends very abruptly when a menacing man with a metal stick appears outside the studio. Did Sara and David make it out alive? Find out next week on This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper!

Episode 17: Cole Chapman

Thursday, February 2 2017

This week Cole Chapman joins us to promotionally plug Category Five Sluricane E-40 Hurricane, the world's worst alcoholic beverage. David's ex-wife calls to let us know about her new love interest, who went to high school and summer camp with David. Her question for the show is: how long do you wait before you tell someone you were married to David Cooper and is that a deal-breaker? David's friend Jordan calls high as a kite and inception happens when a previous episode is played over the current one. A caller from the street on her way to Bali doesn't have time for us. A cyberbully leaves the show a menacing message demanding David wish her a happy birthday. Cole and David discuss a plan to confront the cyberbully with several callers and the episode climaxes with the confrontation. Oh yeaahhhhhhh! David's girlfriend calls and generally expresses disapproval with the way the episode went. We learn Cole's possibly in ad sales, possibly works for a newspaper, gets along with his family and has either an older or younger brother who's definitely an anti-Semite. Cole walks away saying, "I came on expecting some kind of interview, but it's just therapy for David Cooper for an hour and a half." That went well, I think. We're told the Suzuki SV650S is being inspected by the CHP next week, but it's not the first time we've heard that.