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Episode 158: Jack & Felicia Attempt a Takeover With Varying Success

Thursday, May 7 2020

This particular show was different as starting with Jack and Felicia acted as the Host and David as the guest and the conversation between them telling about their weekend was good to start the program. It was so fun to talk about their sex life especially David talking about his ex-girlfriend Mary. But after that the show got really bored as both Jack and Felicia were talking non sense and it really felt like when will their conversation end. It was so relief when the first caller Lucas turned up otherwise it would have been a terrible boring show Shocked to hear David's brother also a gay. The second segment election 2020 was also boring with David got very less to talk. The second caller Keagen started well and fun to hear whenever David talks. The friend of Keagen was also boring to hear. Then Tony called with Miranda and everyone is laugh at Jack. I don't understand anything these weird people are say. Jack is telling us about black history but doesn't want black Tony to talk. Have heard so many David shows and definitely this is the worst one as David got very less space in the show. Neo from India rates this a 2 star.

Episode 157: David Plays Even More Country Music & Takes Calls, Yet Again

Thursday, April 30 2020

Its episode 157 of the show called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". And as its the new normal, David is doing the show from his home and there wouldst be any guest with him tonight and we get a lots of country music. And we get the first song at the very start. The first call is from Jack and Felicia, David's friends. They go on about their life in present times, then another song. The Next caller is Keegan, who weirdly sounds very much like Miranda. Loved the sarcasm David used on the LIzol thing. We next get Alexander and some more guests. Later in the show Tony calls up. And we get to hear his laughter. Later Miranda joins in. Just was thinking Why cant Miranda host this together with David, This is MarU from India, loving these country songs. rating this episode a 3 of 5. Keep going David, your are doing just fine.

Episode 156: David Plays Even More Country Music & Takes Calls, Again

Thursday, April 23 2020

It was a new experience where there is no guest and David Cooper was full on .The show starts off with a nice track. The song Who's Gonna Take the Garbage Out was very heartwarming hearing it after a long time. The First caller Ceasey was nice but sad to hear that she is away from her daughter who is working as a doctor. But she was very funny to say her stories about the funeral thing and after that dating. Nice to hear that David cooks for her girlfriend Miranda. And good to hear about the precaution taken by a 75 year old women starting from social distancing of 6 feet wiping her bags and all. And nice to hear that she is doing Yoga. And it was funny that Miranda texted David that they have been dating for seven years. And the second caller Keygen was too funny. Good to hear that his dad is alive. His story was little bit boring. But once Miranda and Jayjay has entered it was good to hear. The song Excuse me was very nice. Overall a nice talk show nice people. Neo from India rates this episode 6 stars.

Episode 155: David Plays Even More Country Music & Takes Calls

Thursday, April 16 2020

This show has a correct title no one listening and no one cares. Episode of 155 that is really quite remarkable and successful show. This is really amazing to have young callers as a fan in this show. David cooper really doing well and the caller was so young and shares her boy friend stories to david. But talking in the show with some crap words are new to me. Because we don't use any bad words in the show or in any radio shows. First half an hour with the music and that should be reduced to 5 or ten minutes so that the show duration will be more. Without a guest really makes boredom in the show. Sophie is really innocent and she was spending the time good. I would rate this show as above average and I would suggest this to my friend. Tony I cannot understanding and Keegan is okay. I heard many david shows but this episode doesn't looks good. Callers are really great and they are just talking more than David :) I would rate this show 6 out of 10. I like this show and I will ask my friends to hear this podcast. Iqbal from Pakistan. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 154: David Plays More Country Music & Takes Calls

Thursday, April 9 2020

David is talking without the guest in this podcast. He gave COVID-19 instructions to the people as wash your hands often. He played the bad county song for few minutes. After that he spoke with the callers and discussed with england Tony about the quarantine,nature,government,society and all. He played the songs in between to pass the time. I think he don't know how to do the podcast without the guest. Its bad show. The songs make irritating. Again David discussed about the songs,players,relationships,his mom,feelings etc. It feels very bore to hear this podcast. He spoke with the caller about the relationship with the mother. The caller who is a 17 year old girl who changed to boy described their family about how their parents got separated in a sadly manner. But those idiots made fun and laughed. But there is not much reason for laughing. At last David told proud of you to that boy after know her full family story. David told his brother as a gay. David asked useless questions which is not necessary and made it a lengthy conversation. David often use the word "Fuck". Then David spoke about his grandfather,job and tried to motivate that boy. Finally David told he became a fan of that boy. But really the story of that boy made me melting. Overall the story make the podcast somewhat better. As usual David made funny jokes which was irritated and remaining was very bored conversations. Mayur from India gives 2 stars for this episode. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 153: David Plays Country Music & Talks to Teenagers

Thursday, April 2 2020

Strange show with bad old country american music. David is annoying bad host who says jewish all the time. he is taking calls from young person, and Jay Jay, and some other man named Tony and merenda. Show is not wroth listening to even at all. Its only good when people are insult david like one caller for david losing his wife with divorce. Namrata from india rating this bad show 0 or 1 stars. I never listen again and so should you...please cancel show.

Episode 152: David Plays Calls With His Mother

Thursday, March 26 2020

Episode 152 of the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and its David all alone by himself today. For the first time in the history of mankind we don't have a guest on David Cooper and he will be the host, guest, editor, producer etc due to the corona virus shutdown or as Trump calls it Chinese Virus! For a change David takes us through his voice mail, and we have some funny ones. The revenge mix was real good. We get some earlier stories of David from his mom. Then an additional story of him confessing his masturbating sleeping next to his mother. What is wrong with him? We get a caller, Tony, with his devilish laugh. He is doing a awesome job volunteering in this times. We an inside view of how Americans think of this pandemic with David's neighbor from last week JJ. And we have a guest lined for next week. An isolated Maru from India rating this episode a 2 out of 5.

Episode 151: JJ Schultz

Thursday, March 19 2020

Its the episode 151 of the show called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and guest tonight is JJ Schultz. David operating from his apartment due to Corona virus shutdown in San Francisco. JJ is a neighbor of David is a musician by profession. After the intro we are heading nowhere. The first caller is Miranda, who looks like will be the only caller tonight. The next caller is Tony from England. Quite a surprise to hear him calling. Tony an aeronautical engineer, quite a big surprise again. We get some good banter. Wow we get another view of Tony today, with him doing some thing for the world. Corona dominates the show tonight. JJ then plays a song on his guitar. It is a good one. This is one of better shows in these times. And this is Maru from India rating a 3 of 5 for this episode. A somber and equally enjoyable episode.

Episode 150: Celeste Winter, pt. 4

Thursday, March 5 2020

Well, it, David cooper again, nice to see you again. Nice to meet you also Celeste winter. She is very good is talking about her personality. But I don't understand why David cooper asking about her age every time. At the starting of this talk show. There was starting is very slow. The first caller is talking about her friend. Which is like a gay person. Well, the second caller which name is tony. This person is very much talking and loud person. I too much like him. This episode does not look very interesting to me. In this episode, David looks very sad. The caller is very too much talking and I don't know which are laughing very bad man. Sometimes the caller is engaging all around. Merinda is always there like every episode. I love her. But I have not seen her face. So this episode is very good for those who like living very personally. I am also a very alone person. I like this episode. I am Sunil from India given four-star for this show. Thanks.

Episode 149: Bobzilla

Thursday, February 27 2020

On the eve to 150th episode we have guest named Bobzilla who wears his wife's ex-husband's jewelry. Bob and David discuss spouse's shitting frequency, coronavirus, maslov's hierarchy and variety of other things. I liked the moment where David used a logical intricacy to detect fallacy in Bob's argument. It is a sign of intelligence. Someone called and asked to be on the show, and David booked him before he finished his sentence. Some may think it shows David's desperation or lack of guests on the show but I think it shows David appreciation towards his callers and viewers and how David values them. Caller said he was a wannabe stand up comedian too and wanted to discuss it with David. I thought he was just trying to appease but maybe he was genuine because his joke level was even worse than David's. Sandeep from India rates this episode 2.5 out of 5 stars. PS: We all support Bob's demand for plus sized underwear for men.

Episode 148: Miranda, pt. 5

Thursday, February 20 2020

Its episode 148 on the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" show and we quirky guest who recites the shows introduction, its Miranda. Wow, I hope there is not a repeat of the last episode she was the guest and both and an emotional tear jerker. Oh! i wasnt aware of the Miranda's cancer, and she beat it. Way to go, Miranda! The first caller wants David to date his male friend. Then we get Questions and Answers round, including some awkward ones. Some caller wants to ask about David's ex's big boobs and gets sex-ass eating advice from Miranda. Tony gets some time also and his killer laugh. This is MarU from India rating this episode a 2 out of 5. Some things were better but it lacked the spark from either of them and should have a better guests and it would rate higher than a 2

Episode 147: Vahé Hove, pt. 2

Thursday, February 13 2020

David start the conversation with congratulation him about his job.He also praised about David's work.They both discuss about the friends,work contacts,comedy contacts.He asked about job to the David.He replied privacy is important for me.Then they both discussed about comedy and podcast.He praised as your podcasting is very interesting.They had fun about how people listening to David's podcast.He told sometimes i watched in YouTube.Both of them talked about mirwire,classic and all.David shared about he likes game show and baby show. Every week they issued free movie tickets which was liked by people very much.It made people very interesting to register for that.He told about David hosting so many shows it seems.They discussed about movie,camera man and all.Later David shared a mobile number.He told David about his wife is not comprised on valentine's day and David told about the DNA test did.He showed his mom to the guest.Later the conversation goes about dad and suddenly they both talked to the caller and had fun together about southern Africa and all.The caller ended the talk with global warming and all are laughing together.The guest shared about the stage,stand up comedy show experience.They discussed about having kids and shared it as disgusting because women faced physical pain to have child.They talked both media come love is extremely biased,national media is fake and local media is unfake and all.Lastly they talked to the lady caller and discussed about valentine's day.Overall the conversation is not bad and ended with saying valentine love. David told the guest as i got a message that u got a new job.So congratulations for that.He asked about his podcasting and appreciate his work.David asked him as you have a friend,worker,lover and all.He told i don't feel comfortable about talking of worker contacts.He appreciate about his cleverness in his comedy.They talked about doing podcast is fun .He asked tomorrow's podcast is about valentine's day.Both of them discussed people like to listen podcast and he replied sometimes i watched in you tube.The guest told he like work conference and david told it is not luxury line.David discuss about his interesting shows and the guest told people have interest to register for free tickets.The conversation is going about media person,podcast and his morning show.They shared about their starting experience,people comments and money.The guest talked about his girl friend and david told about his wife and discussed about valentine.He told as people think as i drunk more and he asked how did you find that.He asked david as you see lot of people,somebody is surprised.Later the conversation goes about podcast,media,logo and all.He told some people want to hear jokes and funny.David told he liked jokes very much and he is enjoying.He told about his joke performance in stage.In between they talked to the caller and had fun.They discussed about women's pain while having baby,so they don't like it.David spoke about the coupon to the caller.Overall the conversation is good and interesting to hear.Bajjit from india 6 star. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 146: T. J. & Dan Linley

Thursday, February 6 2020

Episode 146 of the show called as "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper", and there is double toned guest list of T. J. & Dan Linley. Dan is an old timer and has been on the show earlier. Its a first time for T.J. We kick off the show with a AquaFina topic going nowhere. The first caller is Fizal and is high on pain killers on a broken leg. I don'T think he likes any jews. Dan is real good cracking jokes without any effort. We then get into a name guessing game. He and David make a good team. The return of Tony continues and he is back with his laugh and profanities. Mae is good fun and T.J. starts to get into his groove soon, taking offence of some of Mae's choice of words. Hoping to hear more of his. Next is Miranda, and she gets into a fight with Dan. Wow, what an episode! This is MarU from India rating this a 3 out of 5, it was fun and one of better recent episodes. Finally a good episode after a long time.

Episode 145: Alyssa Westerlund, pt. 2

Thursday, January 30 2020

Its 145th episode of the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and the guest tonight is a repeat offender, Alyssa Westerlund. The earlier one was very bad, with her fighting with a passerby, lets hope for a better one this time. The show kicks off with some random rambling without any cause and reason. Finally after 25 minutes we get a caller, a couple from Canada, who are having some fun on the radio. They seem high and are having a good time. They stay on for a long telling stories and they seem fun to hear. The next caller is Tony, finally after a long long time. And he is back with his typical laugh and he talks quite good and is enjoying life. We get a long talk on Free Masons, US presidents and more. I would suggest my friends to hear this show if they felt like very bore, but I don't like this show. This is Maru from India rating this episode a 2.5 out of 5, 1 of out which is for the return of Tony and his killer laughter. Welcome back Tony, we missed you!

Episode 144: Terese Taylor

Thursday, January 23 2020

David cooper is the host of this episode, in the introduction he talk very unnecessary things like I don't care about anyone and talk about coffee, i think that this was unnecessary. Next, he introduce the guest Teresa Taylor, both of them talk about buffalo, this is also non-nonsensical. Their conversation is apart from the topic of the show, so this was a irritating show. Mostly, David cooper said yeah! yeah! in the show when the guest Teresa Taylor talk, that was gives more irritating. And all through the show, they talk about family, personal things and very unnecessary things. The caller Sara is talk like very exciting but she also makes very boring because David cooper tried to make a fun also with the caller Sara, that was totally irritating. I think that this show was totally waste of time, i feel that this show is unprepared show because terese taylor tried to converse something else, that was not a meaningful conversation. Until the end of conversation, they never talk about the topic of this show, that was very non-nonsensical and that was gives a feel like this is unnecessary show. Overall, I don't like this whole podcast, the first caller rates this podcast with 4 star but I rate this podcast with 1 star, I don't like this whole podcast. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]