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Episode 140: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 6

Thursday, December 19 2019

God, this David Copper guy sounds like he is eating a shoe while dancing lambada. How did this guy think he could have a podcast? I don't know if he sounds worse when his pitch is going up and down, all uncontrolled, like a bunch of cool cats playing jazz, or when he tries to sound like professional radio and the attempt is just laughable. His co-host, Tracy, is not any better, repeating exact lines the same as he said them for no reason but waste the listener's time. The notion that some podcasters have - and a lot of the media, sadly - that everyone's opinion on politics is relevant is one of the greatest plagues on our culture. I literally have no idea who would want or care to hear about what some random thinks about politics. They should stick to their jokes - I mean, after learning to actually make them funny. Between the completely meaningless political commentary, and the awful jokes, I think the rest went well. Except of course there was nothing else besides that, and the show is unbearable. If this show had 2 minutes, it might be bearable albeit useless. To listen to this for two hours should be enough to be paid a nice amount of money, and even then it would be torture. This gets a zero from Takashi from Hawaii. Infinitely prefer Dr. Pepper to David Cooper. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 139: Natasha Vinik

Thursday, December 5 2019

This is a podcast what tells stupidity in a funny way.It is weird but entertaining .David cooper is a guy who seems to be mad and funny at the same time.This episode had a funny guest who is a comedian and a philanthropist as told by David cooper.She was very lively and talkative who kept the show competent and people may not get bored.But i can say stupidity is promoted a lot. David welcomes her and she is delighted.He asks her about her boyfriend .she says he is Ryan and he is funny too.They fall in love in six days or so.Then they says about their mood swings .they discusses about their psychiatric treatments and drug doses too.weird .Then a caller comes who is thirty nine who was having fun at home.Then again calls come and go the phone dies and that didn't go well with David cooper i think and he was stressed.Another caller talks about insta and photos.Another caller does not speak and so on.Natasha laughs aloud and David says he has own great.They starts to speak sex and callers too.What a culture less show,but it is funny too.So Katy from Bahrain rates this show with 3 stars. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 138: Sequoia

Thursday, November 21 2019

The podcast or as they call it a radio show on their website is called "This is going well I think with David Cooper". Funny thing happened, at some point the host and his guest Sequoia talk about weird domain names and that's when I realised that I too was one of those fools who didn't believe that the website was real. I have been through many episodes up until now. I always thought it was a running joke of the show. I checked the site out for real this time, well what do you know it exists. I think David needs to announce that it is real website. Here I was thinking that David is a bit anti-semitic or thinks that jew are too fat. Sorry David! This episode was refreshing, especially because of the guest. The show started with David's usual intro. I know he's done it 138 times but damn that intro sounds like it is pre-recorded. I wonder if he practices it in front of the mirror before sleeping. The guest was also a radio show host. It felt so weird. At some points you wonder who really is the host of the running show. Sequoia definitely gave Cooper a run for his money. Sequoia has been doing it for a longer time and it shows. I hope Sequoia gave some pointers to David and that he uses it to better this atrocity. Chris from India gives this show 5 stars.

Episode 137: Rachel Pinson & Ernest Evangelista

Thursday, November 7 2019

This is show hosted by David cooper and nobody listen to this show.Always David cooper says that no one listen to this show because this show is mess.Now we have guest Rachel Pinson and Ernest Evangelista .David talking about dead body so weird.They both guest is comedian and you too david cooper.Now David talking about their privacy of sex life and says f*ck you ,Oh my god always he says this words.There is first caller and talking about steps looks like stupid things what they talking about.David and justin talking about masturbating,making a lot fun about masturbating ,he says 6 or 7 times a day and says masturbating in streets is best.Whatever this shows s*cks. David cooper talking about mom and dad having sex , i don't know what kind of show and why this cooper talks so stupid.Again we have second caller and talking about rainbow gathering,Ernest says she is interesting caller.Now they talking about pennis and buxpaum.Rachel laughs so loudly and interacting mostly with cooper.Cooper says my dad embarrassing me front of friends.Anyways this radio shows is crap and nothing important to listen this crap shows.This show is very bad and nothing interesting to listen. Arjun from indian reviewing with 0 star.

Episode 136: Celeste Winter, pt. 3

Thursday, October 31 2019

This show is actually a pain to ears as it was hosted by weird host who speaks crap and he is none other than David cooper.The guest was Celeste winter whom he introduced as very famous ,but seriously?I think David likes coffee as he invites everyone to have some.Celeste tells she is autistic so as David. she tells her tony is out but no more depressive ,sounds good for her.It was halo ween episode and David calls a caller spooky. David tells his house is smelly as he leaks urine.oh really? nasty. the guest tells she was in jail too .weird experiences she shares.he then continues to talk about nothing,who knows what he has in his mind.Then two callers came a woman and man,they talk something and goes, David asks about tony and suggests Celeste to take a day off and spend some time at the coffee shop.She then agrees as this thought went well with her,even though she has to adjust her schedules.She then tells again about drinking and driving and about DUI classes or something.David was curious as he asks about educational classes.Oh boy ,David is curious to learn,right?Then a man calls and asks about gravity,wow.makes no sense.David himself praises and tells what a show,great man.Then a man named Parker Newman calls and tells he is partially Jewish. They discuses about jewish goes on.Dena from bahrain rates this pathetic show with one star.

Episode 135: Dan Linley, pt. 9

Thursday, October 24 2019

A much more energetic episode than last few ones. Looked like everybody got their energy and enthusiasm back, the host, the guest and the callers. But what does that mean in case of the great host of this great show David Cooper? It means more vulgarity, more profanity and more bad jokes. It appears that David is beginning to carve out his space, because now callers appear to match David's level. They have begun to share and reciprocate David's passion and personality of being bad. Not evil type of bad but poor type of bad, like not bad boys but bad song or bad vegetable. So, with David at center, the whole environment becomes like that - the guests, the callers, even the viewers- like me. So yeah, being in that mindset and still under influence, I, Sandeep from India, rate this episode 4 out of 5 stars for bringing the bad back.

Episode 134: Roberto & Kelsey

Thursday, October 17 2019

In this episode there are two people. Roberto and Kelsey are a couple. David asks them how they met. Turns out they met through Tinder. After that David asks a lot of question on their meeting and relationship, including asking them to perform a sexual act live on show. A gay person or group called and David tells them a personal bathroom selfie story. After that David again makes the couple resume their dating story. It seems he is quite interested in it. Even asked about actual sex talks and both of them were easily giving details with gentital. Guess that's contrast between western and eastern culture for me right there. David gave a nice creative name to this episode: "Roberto's awakening and Kelesey's camping trip", based on their date. Sandeep from India is giving this episode 3 and a half star out of 5 because there was an actual real story to listen to instead of very bad empty talks that usually happen.

Episode 133: Andrea

Thursday, October 10 2019

The third anniversary of the show with its Episode 133 of the show known as "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". And the guest today is Andrea, a fellow comedian. Hoping for a good episode after a string of poor episodes. They exchange notes on their psychiatrists and then their parents. The first caller is Miranda, David's girl friend. I wish she was the host of the show and David the Guest. The three go on to have a long discussion on a variety of things. David and Miranda go over the questions they have prepared for her. No callers today and it was good, as David used to lose interest in them quite soon. Andrea is easy to listen to and the compatibility between the two is quite evident. Hoping we get to hear more of her. This Karti from India rating this episode a 3 out of 5, a big improvement over past few weeks.

Episode 132: Joseph Ugalde, pt. 3

Thursday, October 3 2019

David cooper repeat his name a lot! Even in 132 episode. Think it's a unplanned Guest, Sure the Name with Jack feel a lot! Caller from New York were so hesitated initially. David follower were so crazy and makes him embarrassed and make fun of him. Mobile sound wake us in-between, they said its interesting but we don't feel that so. David not allowing him to complete the answer. Keep on changing the track, I think coffee not gives a break here also something new. While! Kitty Cat, Tomato buddy sounds really Oh pooh! Pet lovers will completely hate this show. At last Christmas become "Pale Blue Christmas".0.56 really like "Segue". Please don't yawn in-between the show. I heard from the beginning to end of the show sounds Ah! Uh! A lot by the guest. There's a time lag between the Comedy lol !. But yes a new episode would be great. Sakkir form Indiana rate this show with 2 star!

Episode 131: Scott Cohen, pt. 2

Thursday, September 26 2019

Episode 131 of the show called as "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper", and today's guest on the show is Soctt Cohen, a fellow comedian. This is second time Scott coming on this show and God know why! who in their right mind will attend this shitshow twice. They go on to remember a story of a bomb logo design and a bomb disposal. We get some really stories and the comradery between the two shows. There are quite less callers when compared to earlier episodes and the talk is much more interview like. The show goes on and on about the Timeshare, its advantages, disadvantages. please discuss something else. The show is missing a character like Tony to take it to the next level. A bunch of cranky callers will help to add to the fun. This is Karti from India rating this episode a 2 out of 5, certainly there is a scope to grow and entertain us much better.

Episode 130: Monica & Annick Adelle

Thursday, September 19 2019

I just listened to the podcast titled "This is going well, I think by David Cooper". It is apparently the 130rd episode, I am surprised it's been going on so long given the type of conversations they have. David is ruthless with the people he interviews. He is invasive, childish and sometimes funny. Although these factors don't necessarily make him a bad interviewer. He goes in so deep that you can see the person who he is interviewing bare which makes them more relatable and easy to feel for. One of the guests of the day was Monica, after listening to her talk. I feel inspired by her character just by knowing that she came on the show given all her insecurities. Her story about the tattoo which symbolises not always being able to succeed was something new and refreshing. I personally didn't like the second guest as much. I also noticed that Monica stopped talking as much after the second guest came in, probably because of her being socially incompetent like she discussed. Annick Adelle from what I gather is a lesbian who kinda hates many things like men, balls with hair and apparently jews. She seems very open and very outgoing which is the opposite of Monica. So it felt like the chemistry was off, it would have been way better if it was done separately. All in all I think that went well. Chris from India rates this show 4 stars out of 5. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 129: Victor Trevino

Thursday, September 12 2019

After a month long absence David Cooper is back on the show called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". Its the 129th episode starring as guest is Victor Trevino, a fellow comedian and unknown to David. The start is off to some random rambling about ages and adults and it goes on and on. Finally a caller, the first caller, is Miranda, David's girlfriend and we get another Alegra, a professional clown, Then we get some poop stories, next we get a Bolivian caller, who kicks off a discussion on dictators. The show sounds very long and really gets boring in the middle, it never picks up after a flat start. The guest is quite boring and show requires someone exciting and interesting to pick off from. The show picks up a bit after Miranda drops by after her pooping. This is Karti from India, rating this episode an 1.5 out of 5 stars, easily one of the most boring episodes.