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Episode 116: Laura

Thursday, April 11 2019

We are on episode 116 of the show called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and the guest tonight is Laura, an unknown person, who is 36 and just missed out on a 6/6/6 birthday flyer. There is a lot of random talk at start. We get called into an interesting caller and she is into Interpol music. And then some Interpol music. And then the show turns into a full fledged music show!!! Finally another caller, Miranda, the saving grace. We get back boobs and ass, typical of the show. Molly calls in and describe the Tik-Tok app. And Claine is back, and we another round of music talk. The next caller are a couple Jack and Felicia. Then we have Miranda back, claiming the joke. This is Karti from India rating this show a 2 out 5, something different today. A lot of random incoherent conversations, which lead nowhere.

Episode 115: Atish Mehta, pt. 2

Thursday, April 4 2019

Episode 115 of the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is Atish Mehta, a DJ and returning guest. And very soon we get the first caller on the show and we get the reason as why we are receiving so many calls recently, the phone booth outside the studio. We get a long conversation as they go on reminiscing over their last show. They call David's mom. The next caller is Mark Kenso, who hangs up very quickly. The show was going downhill eating Anchovies and Jessi calls in. We have a boring talk on guitars. They go on to call Atish's wife Meetu, who was sleeping and goes back to sleep again when David pops in the poop show. Then Miranda calls in, i wish she hosted the show, she is so much better at it. Even an indian guest like me is awful. This Karti from India rating this episode a 1.5 out of 5. For most parts it was quite boring, better get some interesting guests.

Episode 114: David the Car Guy

Thursday, March 28 2019

It is episode 114 of the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" show and it has two Davids today. David [redacted] also known as David the Car Guy, is the guest today, who gives an lesson on what Phonetics is. Thankfully we get the first caller on the show, John Carsole, who was supposed to be the guest today. The second caller closes out quite soon. Then we continue of a long story of David buying a car and his salesman. The next caller is Annette, and we get an hilarious conversation. The conversation with John's wife, Alli, is even more madder which includes penises, breast milk and fake tits, its got all. Finally after many weeks we get Tony, the star of the show. Man did we miss that voice. The next call is to Shenaz, David's wife. And some more of BJs, gays and more of breast milk. Miranda calls in for the final part of the show. We get a lot of psychology mumbo jumbo.This is Karti from India rating a 3 out of 5 for this episode, hoping for more of Tony in coming weeks.

Episode 113: Roberto

Thursday, March 21 2019

David starts with the show my favorite was "coffee" I think David like coffee more than his wife Roberto voice it's just like a heath ledger, because it was so scary David make fun with the first caller because he call her "Hi mom"that was very funny I don't know why she cut the call in-between the conversation David also just think like me He make everyone laugh so I love this show a lot especially teens like this show more than me Because He say sex jokes just in the conversation. David and Roberto take the show in good flow I appreciate David because he appreciate his fans a lot. That was very good habit. Roberto is talk interesting about alabama, cancer anger pizza, many things. They discuss lot of different topics, that's lot help full for viewers I love this show a lot because they took the show very interesting They discuss about maximum topics in the world It was very interesting show for me. My favorite topic was David suddenly start conversation about his Ex lover, that was very funny David said "i have a ex girlfriend but she got married" Roberto can't control. That's the reason the success of this show I'm big fan of David Cooper show. Akhila from India rating this show with-100 shine stars.

Episode 112: Donkey Show

Thursday, March 14 2019

Episode 112 of "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". Today's guest on the show is Donkey show, a circus acrobat and later she started teaching it. Very soon we have the first caller of the show, Ali. And we loose her quite soon. The next caller is also gone soon enough. We have a new segment on the show and its funny, finally in the show something to laugh about. Then they go on to call David's mom, whose doesn't receive the call, so they leave a message. The domain name part really cracked me up. Davids mom calls up later but it doesn't get weird. We get a brief insight in Davids earlier life. The show is missing its regular guest, Tony, who has been missing from the show for recent few episodes. This is Karti from India rating this episode with a 2 star, an okay episode, thanks to Miranda finally calling in.

Episode 111: Dan Linley, pt. 8

Thursday, March 7 2019

This show is really humorous and they doesn't have any limit to talk about each other, telling about the host and the Guest. They are having fun and recording in coffee shop. This show is really good time pass and they talked about the students of the guest. They talked about the wild animals in the zoo and the school picnic. David host the program with some great questions and he makes this show rocking. They talked about some topics with the callers. callers had some great fun. I'm really surprised to hear this kind of show in radio show. But this is really unique and it is good to hear about it. They talked about trump supporters. Talked about time travelers. Talked about the poop and hand wash. David likes to sneeze more and when the sun hits him he likes to sneeze. After sneezing when the liquid smells odd and then it is bad breathe problems. Strong sense of character and they feel like they did a great and very funny show. My name is Paquee from Pakistan and I rate this show 3.5 stars!

Episode 110: Erica Weiss

Thursday, February 28 2019

110th episode of 'That went well, I think' with a guest woman named Erica W. She's also a jew. A jew meets a jew, what a delight! Erica wants every man to have desire of dating her and is disappointed that she has never been sent a dick pic. The episode is full of profanities. It seems David Cooper only know one form of comedy, that is sexual or vulgar comedy. If you want to break up with your boyfriend, call this show because David will manage to do that. He will tell you hidden desires of your boyfriend, without even speaking to him, that will make you vomit. I'm glad the couple that called in this episode hung up before they reached that stage. I pray for their quick recovery for the trauma they sustained by talking to David. And for the trauma these 3 hours of listening to this show caused me, I will call this show a podcast, because I know that pisses David off. Sandeep from India is rating this show 4 stars for teaching me new vulgarities and showing me new depths to which humans are capable of falling. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 109: Darnell Lee (Rusty Shackleford), pt. 3

Thursday, February 21 2019

The two radio speakers make radio conversation very funny. They are creating funny conversation.But they area using lots of bad words,that was very disgusting.The first caller join in the crazy conversation madly.David makes laugh everyone,but he also insult someone with his bad words.Davis says "What the fuck is happening?" that gives some irritate feeling.The guest Darnell try to create comedy radio conversation,he doing his best.But i like that change from David. Because he suddenly start to appreciate them and feel for them.That makes happy that phone caller.The funny moment was Darnell asking about his girlfriends bed time talk ,He asks"What color of your girlfriend bed?".The moment no one believe David cooper is talking .He says "why you believe my name ?".One caller from driving he gives a good to him,that was appreciable one.well said David.The lady caller makes everyone laugh with voice change.Darnell gives tough to her a lot.And they start a talk about friends,family, love.that was good to hear.Darnell gives lot of advises about life,that was very energetic.They cut the caller with a good conversation.This time David try to control his bad words.They all take conversation next level.David advise to use condom.With lady caller ,that was a good advise.They motivate the caller with the condom concept.He said condom is a health to use.But it was very funny to hear,at the same time that was true.Darnell also motivate the lady caller with his special comedy talent.The callers asking lot of doubt about relationships.Dating is a big concept in the relationship. unfortunately David says"Badly i never have this experience in my teen".that was very funny to hear.The lady caller also give tough to Darnell in the fun conversation.I really enjoyed the conversation.One more fun was David says" I want to date a woman who married". David finally brake through about his secrets, that was he love sex parties. Sometimes the phone caller never agree with them. But David handle them nicely . that was very interesting.The caller talk about food wastage.that was awesome topic well ever i know.they all cooperate with them nicely.Really i love it.The conversation about love comes which age?David answered to them i start to love from my birth the girl name is nurse.very comedy conversation .no one rise their radio volume that was a good habit.Because rising radio volume makes everyone irritate.hard to leave the interesting callers,But say bye to them nicely.suddenly the sound was playing i love the voice a lot.I like this radio conversation very mush but they need to avoid some bad words and insult others.go ahead David good to go. My name-is Muhammad usman from pakistan and i rate this episode 10 star.

Episode 108: Miranda, pt. 4 (Valentine's Day Special)

Thursday, February 14 2019

Its Valentine's day at "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and its a David-Miranda special (dream come true for me). We start off with the typical D-M banter. They go on to answer some questions by Vic. Elon Musk, you need to hear Miranda's views on the Tesla design. They go on to reminiscent their first date, first event. We get the first caller and its Tony and no, I am not on the David's lousy payroll. And yes I love Miranda :) Tony has certainly piqued my interest on the The Abduction. They go on to discuss David's ex-wife. After Tony, they go on to discuss an almost threesome. They return to Vic's questions. We get an argument and then an awkward silence and David pouring his heart out over his relapse into drug addiction. Come on Drugs, not cool. Then its back to Vic's questions. Till we get the next caller, Frankie, who was on a date, Miace, who give us good couple Made-for-each-other story. With Miranda in the house sparks were bound to fly, but not the type we witnessed. One of best shows episodes and had really heartfelt moments. This is Karti from India, rating this episode a 4.5 out of 5.

Episode 107: Pamela, pt. 2

Thursday, February 7 2019

If you want cringes, go for this podcast, which for some reason insists on being called a radio show. A forty something Pamela is the guest of episode 107. She is clearly a post wall woman who still wants to appear hot and desirable to guys. I feel sorry for the callers. First guy called and she pretty much made herself his girlfriend or at least a date while the guy had little to no interest in her. Second caller was a catholic and was forced to hung up with discussions of arse and sh*t. The most cringe-worthy moment was when David was talking about masturbating next to his mother and Pamela started moaning and David shut her up. Even Miranda, David's girlfriend, called in between the show and literally told her to shut up. Eww, must have hit hard on the woman. Didn't go well for her I guess. Sandeep from India rates this show 3 star. Three star because it's one those "so bad they're good." [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 106: Ira Summer

Thursday, January 31 2019

Evening show by David cooper wishing through live broadcasting on their radio station 820 hertz. Very funny comedian Ira summer on the caller on that line name as Teresa and she speak about the traveling journey on the flight She tell about one passenger penn's the vapour police arrested and a flight delayed for 5 hours. And they continued their conversation very happily Teresa want to frank a lady suits where words say some sweat during during the week. She is hard carrying racist. This is a show called talk to her racist. I'm a liberal. Don't worry. I'm not a racist.. thing about being a data scientist. A true data scientist never lies. Is that fruit punch Gatorade . Bethany barker is sex lady very much! brief comedy show was full of entertainment contained by a David cooper. the comedian The new caller Bethany beggars voice list by the listeners She's a data scientist are born and not made. Yeah, I don't believe that. I don't believe that at all. I mean clearly, I mean you have to have, you have to have some love of numbers. They making more prank calls and the entertained the viewers make the show funny. So I feel like, was that a joke you've written for your act? I've used it in my, okay, my life is better because mine was fine. their conversations are like that smile full face. And finally David copper and Ira summer speak about kids life and they full filled the show. I am Suhanisa from India and i am rating this podcast with 6 stars. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 105: Jack & Felicia

Thursday, January 24 2019

Episode 105 of the show called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" hosted by David Cooper himself and today's guest on the show are Jack & Felicia, friends of David. They are going to start a new podcast. They have their friends call up on the show and we have four of their friends call up in quick succession, one of them named Susan Butt who tries to hook in with Roberto. That was the boring part. The shows starts to kick in when Tony calls up, who sounds a bit subdued but is still fun. Later we have Miranda call in and the fun begins. The conversation between David and Miranda are the best part of the show. I enjoy them the most. Better get new/interesting guest on the sow or it will continue downhill. This is Karti from India rating this episode a three out of five. One of better shows.