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Episode 172: Jon Cooper, pt. 3

Thursday, August 13 2020

Its the episode 172 of this show and today's guest is Jon Copper, David's brother, who lives in Canada. The typical sibling camaraderie is on display during their initial talk. And we get the 2 callers Dan and Tony being one of them. Then Miranda also joins in. Dan is quite for most of the time. The main discussion of today's episode is David and JJ's upcoming trip to his childhood home in Canada. And Miranda is pissed that she is not invited to it. And Dan and Tony pull David, who has a meltdown over this. We watch both argue over this. And the argument continues post the ogling at Tony's Ex. Davids justification for not inviting Miranda, "Because of the quarantine" is reminded me of "We were on a break" from FRIENDS. This is MarU from India rating this show a 2.5 of 5. PS: Thanks for the bonus and one question to David, why is there an ad of "Pornhub Gay" and it takes to a stupid ad of person showing tongue problems!

Episode 171: Joseph Ugalde, pt. 4

Thursday, August 6 2020

okay for me , i dont know why there is a few problems in this episode , so i decide to be honest and say it all even if u will not pay , so lets begin with the sound i think someone has the higher volume between david and joseph , about the subject im not into that cuz i hate being listening to something like that , the episode was kinda boring no excitement not a good comedy to hear , infunny! again and shout out to vikiZ i hear that he s the big fan meanwhile i hate being judging this i really hate! so if u are joseph or david i wish u the best and i wish u to be better one day cuz u really suck a little bit with comedy i rate this 4/20 Maybe 1 star to 10

Episode 170: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 9

Thursday, July 30 2020

Episode 170 of the show and tonight's guest is Tracy Nguyen, a regular on the show now. The first 30 minutes we get lots of Tracy's relationships, and a lots of her steamy encounters., in addition to that we have David playing the Agony Aunt. She should get someone to write of her sex tales. Then we have a discussion of Drugs. Wow people dont take long to adapt to any solution, an app to check the COVID testing to have sex. Then Miranda joins in. And finally we have a caller, and its Tony. Looks like he is only caller nowadays. Tracy has fully has turned into a full on nymphomaniac. And we also get JJ to the scheme. Tracy thats called being Spiritual. And we get the line of the show "God is a Tool", David you should consider titling this for the episode. Love you too Tony. And we hope you didnt mean India Summer. One of ok episodes, with a whole lot of sex, threesomes, drugs etc. The only thing missing was David's obsession with hemorrhoids. This is MarU from India rating this episode of the show a 2.5 of 5. PS: David I understand people spamming you with reviews, and you need to motivate people to write better so atleast give a bonus to the review you select for your site. Also waiting for the Bollywood songs. [Editor's note: we gave MarU a bonus.]

Episode 169: Rev. James

Thursday, July 23 2020

It appears that the great and mighty David Cooper is also hit badly by Corona virus financially. But I believe not. Being jewish, he can never be in loss and will find ways to keep himself in profit, even at the expense of justice and fairness. It is the jewish way. Today's interview is with a guy named James whose first name is Reverend. I love Tony. Brings such a great energy into show. He has a strong opinion about everything, although he does not believe in any of it. He reminds me of a character in one of Dostoevsky's novels. I agree with Miranda, Atheism makes you more logical and you think you are closer to reality but maybe not. I like religious talks. Lots of religious talks. In the world of hypocrisy and doubt, everybody craves honesty and certainty. Time is of essence though, and should be spent wisely. Sandeep from India rates this episode 3 out of 5 stars

Episode 168: Dan Linley, pt. 10

Thursday, July 16 2020


Episode 167: Natasha Vinik, pt. 2

Thursday, July 9 2020

And in yet another episode we see David Cooper and his highly prepared and rigorously chosen guests with their televisions on while they air (where did I ever hear a similar podcast episode? Oops, I think it was another episode by David himself!) I love how the conversation got sexually confusing when the red-haired miranda came on the scene, it is at times like this that the show goes on and starts to do well, I think. YES DAVID, YOU ARE A GREAT SNOB! So, I just got single too and I'm looking for any kind of relationship (human, preferably), could you call me and solve my love life? Unfortunately, I just don't have a boat to match anyone, does it serve something similar to a boat that I can take there in a not-so-clean pond? Guest natasha vinik has horrible skin condition. Finally, Luiz from northeastern Brazil gives this podcast a deserved 3 stars out of 5 (sorry, I'm not here to lie). [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 166: Alyssa Westerlund, pt. 3

Thursday, July 2 2020

It's episode 166 and the guest is a nymphomaniac named Alyssa Westerlund. In my language even her name is sexual. Honestly this time I wouldn't blame David for sexual talks in his show. I'm afraid this woman again opened the door I felt David was trying to close. Who talks about their sex life and reveals disgusting details so openly? Alyssa shared her cult journey, maybe that explains her sexual openness. Her revelation -- Men aren't unfeeling sex machines! Well, thank you. It felt like Alyssa made everybody on the show envious with her talks. But then she revealed something that made me sympathise with her. She peed on another girl. Even during the show she probably peed. All you need to do is ask two girls to pee on each other and apparently they will pee. David hypothesised she had daddy issues. Maybe, but I don't think that covers the whole aspect of it, especially given that she's 34. But she enjoys her life and that's a good thing. Tony is as always a madman. Tony says hi to India so hi to Tony. Sandeep from India rates this episode 3 out of 5 stars.

Episode 165: David Plays Country Music & Takes Calls For the 9th Time

Thursday, June 25 2020

Its David, twice in a week, what has the world come to. He is back with the Episode 165 of his show "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". We start still gonna hear the country songs, and there wont be any Tony or Miranda today, so its gonna a big a big bore and that's what happens with the first couple who call up. The most boring couple to have called on the show. Even David was happy when they were disconnected. Then we a get bunch of country songs. And after 30 minuets we get a caller. Its Keegan, whose smells of pig shit. And we have Miranda, hopefully the show gets on track now. And the hillybilly couple is back. The song "Touch your woman" was quite weird, certainly for today's times. How about playing some Bollywood songs for a change David. Later we get Jay Jay and Tony, This is MarU from India rating this episode a 2.5 of 5.

Episode 164: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 8 (David's Birthday Special)

Thursday, June 18 2020

Happy birthday David. I wish your dream comes true and you become a popular comedian. About the episode and guest: Boy, what an annoying voice. Nagged her boyfriend to breakup ("killed boner by nagging", is that possible?). Didn't understand David's sarcasm on sports being masculine. Living at boyfriend's place for free even after breakup. Hates Chinese but gonna live with one because it saves rent. Doesn't have a car but knows how to call a car. Thinks BLM protestors are radicalized by internet. David also believes in conspiracy theory that China, Russia are making these riots happen. A teenage girl called and David made her feel bad - she apologized for not having gossip as spicy as David wanted and had to make an excuse to cut call (leaving cooking gas open - as old as call cutting excuse directory goes. I felt bad for her.) Tony brought new energy. Sandeep from India rates this episode 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Episode 163: David Plays Country Music & Takes Calls For the 8th Time

Thursday, June 11 2020

Episode 163, of The show is called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". One needs to appreciate David, even in this situation he continues to belt out new episodes. This time again its Country Music. And we start off with some songs. 4 songs down and we are still waiting for someone to call in! The first caller about to go to sleep, and will probably make us go to sleep. Then later we have main cast. Its JayJay, Miranda and the one and only Tony. Whats with David obsession with "Hemorrhoids", get over it man. Then we get in some Trump bashing, who continues to surprise everyone with his antics. Man you, Americans certainly know know how to pick your leaders. The show picks up some pace with this trio. Namsate to you too, Mother*ucker! Then the songs continue and some new guests. This is MarU from India rating this episode a 3.5 of 5, thanks to new guests and the old ones chipping in.

Episode 162: Andrea, pt. 2

Thursday, June 4 2020

"That went well, I think."...Um, not quite. Right off the bat, David Cooper annoyed me. The guy just has an annoying voice and the jokes he made were bleh. Andrea, the guest, who has an equally annoying voice, talked about 'plamping', a thing that I never would have thought anyone could possibly care about. In fact, all the topics these two talked about in the first half-hour were either cringe or boring. Ten-year-olds and nudity? Yuck. Cartoon crushes? Both cringe and yawn. What's the weirdest thing you've had inserted? Just stop!!!! David's girlfriend, Miranda came into the conversation and the three of them talked about having not gone to protests for the Black Lives Matter movement, but having 'thrown money at it' by donating. Not really the best thing to say in my opinion. There was generally a lot of flippancy about serious topics throughout the whole show that I didn't really care for. The first caller brought a bit of interest and seriousness to the conversation that David and his guest didn't quite manage to ruin. Florence from Zimbabwe rates this episode 2 stars, and I'm in a generous mood today. Most of the other callers were kind of boring apart from the guy Tony who did the accents and it was hard to want to keep listening, but I'm not a quitter so I stuck with it. I think he was racist but he said he was black so I don't know what to think. Things didn't get that much better throughout. Profanity and constant talk about nudity. The last callers were on drugs and confused me. I wouldn't tune in again.

Episode 161: David Plays Country Music & Takes Calls For the 7th Time

Thursday, May 28 2020

I must admit that at first I thought "country music ?? SERIOUSLY?" but after a while I felt back in Fallout (the game, yes I am a nerd) and thanks for that nostalgia. Come on David, understand your friend, it is obvious that there is no way to masturbate for country music, put on a lantine music that your friend goes to heaven. My English friend, your country is famous for fighting violence over football and you have been telling me that the United States is dangerous? The people are protesting for a good reason and this is what I am very proud of. But ok, I'm not going to talk about politcas and be very sincere ... DAVID (yes, upper case because I'm trying to get your attention) you have such a SEXY voice, I really wanted it in my ear before sleeping but how can I not I am satisfied with your podcast (which is more senxual than a lot of Latin music). [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show. From an unnamed reviewer]

Episode 160: David Plays Country Music & Takes Calls For the 6th Time

Thursday, May 21 2020

Man, what a nonsense radio show. First, how do you begin your show saying: the radio show that no one listens? Another point, a two hours radio show is very very long. You could record between 30 minutes and one hour, but never two hours; that is my point of view. I am sorry. About the songs you have played, it felt like playing random songs from your playlist. David Cooper, my man, I suggest that you may follow a script in order to organize the topics. "How do you go from annoying to accepttance to david" in my opnion is a very personal question in a wide broadcast like this. The british guy tony was the funnest part, it was so weard lol. i dont understand keegan at all weird person. And what about the door openning noise lol. Although David to be a littel crazy, he is her girlfriend manager, in his words, off course. Pedro from Brazil rates this episode 3 stars.

Episode 159: Miranda Plays ABBA

Thursday, May 14 2020

This episode 159 podcast really entertains the people who looks for entertainment i guess. If someone wants some sleep can hear this show show that they will sleep well, jokes apart. I love David cooper just nail the show alone. If he gets the guest and he will be like a free bird to fly in the sky. All the bad words will be spoken in the broadcast that is the thing is wondering for me. How could someone talk bad words in the public radio podcasts. This show has some mix of boring thing and interesting stuffs and talking about David's Girl Friend Merenda. Sharing the privacy thing is absolutely something new to me. This show is just moving to next level, callers also very sportive about the questions from the David. And we are having a ABBA song off by Merenda. The first song is vou le vou, a song i heard a long time back. Dont know why inspired ABBA to make this song, but its catchy and very singable. Then a typical cat mouse fight between both of them, and we get the song Fernando, and we are still waiting for the first caller of the day. And talk of the devil, its a Keeegan, who has made a new friend. And then Merenda and David play Agony Aunt to Keeegan's problems and they do it seriously for a change. The next caller is Tony form the UK, with a devilish laugh. Wow that's a real sound advice from Tony. This is MarU from India in my point of view I would rate this show with the 4 out of 10. Average podcast show. As I said earlier if someone looks for sleep can hear this show so that they will be having good sleep hearing on this. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 158: Jack & Felicia Attempt a Takeover With Varying Success

Thursday, May 7 2020

This particular show was different as starting with Jack and Felicia acted as the Host and David as the guest and the conversation between them telling about their weekend was good to start the program. It was so fun to talk about their sex life especially David talking about his ex-girlfriend Mary. But after that the show got really bored as both Jack and Felicia were talking non sense and it really felt like when will their conversation end. It was so relief when the first caller Lucas turned up otherwise it would have been a terrible boring show Shocked to hear David's brother also a gay. The second segment election 2020 was also boring with David got very less to talk. The second caller Keagen started well and fun to hear whenever David talks. The friend of Keagen was also boring to hear. Then Tony called with Miranda and everyone is laugh at Jack. I don't understand anything these weird people are say. Jack is telling us about black history but doesn't want black Tony to talk. Have heard so many David shows and definitely this is the worst one as David got very less space in the show. Neo from India rates this a 2 star.