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Episode 181: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 11

Thursday, November 5 2020

The host David Cooper first says about the show content and then he introduce the guest Tracy Nguyen and then they start the show, the host David cooper discuss the topic that generously every Thursday night they are a lovely coffee shop they got everything you need coffee beans got built the fish it's also great they are not open but they are selling their their interior is not open but they are selling to go drinks into gold leads in a secure and safe environment. The show was terrible she is a woman about town of hilarious comedian on the show is terrible she is my best friend she's my worst friend she is my only friend. That's all the content I have scripted for tonight Tracy no win thank you for wearing your tech hat and joining us I'm friends with a lot of loners I hope that doesn't put me on a list but like a with terrorist watch I'm not like a white person with a gun I mean I know that you're I'm a Jew your white and Jason yeah yeah she was or why did Jason were there for owners white say heard were both simultaneously not white and white at the same time you have relatives of motive for trump right I had I don't have any American religious. At wholly, i did not like the show because it does not have any content, they discuss about the unnecessary topic and my rating for this show is 3 only.

Episode 180: Tony's Takeover

Thursday, October 15 2020

The sound of drums and trumpets at the beginning of this episode is spectacular, but when the stupid black Tony enters, supposedly from London, everything falls apart. His voice is disgusting to tell the truth, it does not convey confidence or desire to continue listening to the nonsense he says. If David as the host of the show never has anything scheduled and doesn't know what to say or do, this idiot Tony knows less. A total disgrace. Talking nonsense things that nobody cares about. The truth is that this episode particularly bothered me much more than the others, not to mention the sounds of the notifications of the guests and the ringtone of the phones, who apparently do not realize the serious lack that results in A radio show, if you can call this shit that. As much Alexander, like David Cooper, like Tony and JJ, and Miranda make the perfect ridiculous in this misnamed radio show. Victor from Maine gave a -500 star rating to this episode.

Episode 179: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 10

Thursday, October 8 2020

The entire show hosted by David Cooper. David Cooper Choosing one guest name is Tracy Nguyen.It is planned show because david cooper interview with guest. He is say some question to Tracy Nguyen and she is replied to hoster. she is telling about itself and family members. The she is talking about carrier life. She is stay at single and contain two brothers She is enjoyed life and carrier.She is explain about the enjoyable moment and how to handle the difficult stage.I would like to say one point what is i am saying many people saying about our character based on our job only for female but don't loss our hope and then you continue your work simultaneously.She is provide Strong content for our women.she is talking very passittive and boldly.This women provide the very good news to other people.She is speak intresting and good.This title very apt for this interview because This is good interview so This is going well,I think with David Cooper.I would rate with 4 Star out of 5 because amazing speech.This speech inspire to me.It sounded more like a long interest discussion.

Episode 178: Munette, Anally, pt. 3

Thursday, October 1 2020

In this episode number 178, from the beginning of the introduction I saw a show garbage coming, especially because of the idea of the companion unuash monette. It is strange that the host begins by saying that the interviewee did not bathe, to further say that he wants to have sex with her, come on, what is that? Who can think of it? That leaves much to be desired and makes the host look like ridiculous, adding the fact that he constantly interrupted the interviewee. And what to say about wanting to have sex with your mother, is a total lack of respect for the moral and Christian values of any society that is respected. This show obviously defends and promotes gay culture and all that. The first guy who called looks like a perfect insane when he talks, it shows that listening to the show a lot has severely affected his mind, that went well, I think. To tell the truth the show deserves that kind of audience due to its mediocre content, it doesn't really surprise me, and the host constantly interrupting, come on, it's unforgivable. Finally, I must say that I do not recommend this show at all, first because of the bad experience when listening to it and second because I consider it a waste of time. A boy named Kevin rates this show with 0 stars, well deserved dude.

Episode 177: David Plays Country Music & Takes Calls For the 10th Time

Thursday, September 17 2020

It is the episode 177 of the the show called as "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and the guest tonight is no one, and he plans to play country music again. firstly we get songs from Ray Price, I have never heard of his songs earlier and probably wont listen in the future too. David you are still to reply on my request for Bollywood songs! And we have Tony and Miranda, who seems to have a bad day. David is still stuck in Canada. We have a long winded topic of David's divorce. It goes on for a long time. Then we get to reminiscing about some of his callers. Yes David, add some of us to the show. The we get back to the songs. This is MarU, with a capital U, from India rating this episode an average 3 points of 5, it is certainly much better with the regulars.

Episode 176: Alyssa Westerlund, pt. 4

Thursday, September 10 2020

The host David cooper first says the funny content and says about the topic, then the host introduce the judge and David Cooper it's this is going well I think the show where no 1's listening and no 1 cares that show where every episode the last episode so let's begin sadly we are not in the studio at the window 1026 went to street however for years ritual coffee has donated their space every Thursday night kindly and generously. We got a pretty cool thing we're talking now just one just one. One for just one pool I would stop growing up with the kids with the tools that really. Tools like it just seems a little like what you have I mean like a hot tub makes sense cool I don't understand why we're Jews who pools were Jews with pools the type of job. We're we're in Canada are you I forget this it's a it's a Toronto home in Toronto that's where I grew up. When you are moving to Mexico look at us where soon will be the father son Holy Spirit JJ will be in America I'll be in Canada. You'll be in Mexico when you move. I they just a couple weeks now my god do you know where you're going you just gonna come across the border not wearing any clothes yeah Hey I'm just getting. In the same. Totally i did not like this show because it does not give any proper content. Finally i give the rating 3 star for this show. Guest is Alyssa fun.

Episode 175: Allegra Meshuggah

Thursday, September 3 2020

David is back after a long holiday, It is episode 175 of the the show is called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and the guest tonight is Allegra Meshuggah. So glitch caused David to miss the intro of the Allegra. The first guests we get are some hippies, and we get a long monologue from Allegra. And later we get Tony in the forum and his evil laugh. And David is still in Canada, Allegra leaves quite early and we have Buck, Tony and David only on the show. We get a new type of pizza, called the Mexican Pizza. True detective was quite good. It was quite sad to hear Miranda saying how politics plays out in wearing a mask or not. The best part of the show was when Tony and David started on Miranda's sister. Imagine Miranda and her sister pillow fighting in her pink underwear. This is Maru from India, rating this a show a boring 1.5,

Episode 174: Trish Pandya, pt. 2

Thursday, August 27 2020

It is the episode 174 of the the show called as "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and the guest tonight is Trish Pandya, a fellow comedian and a repeater on the show. I think this was the show David had invited me for a guest appearance. David is still stuck in hellhole of the world, Canada. Most of the talk is quite random and does not make any sense to others who are listening. We get an interesting question for David about Miranda, and he doesn't answer it and shy's away from it. We finally get Miranda on the show. The show picks up some pace. "Hospital Pants". We are not Asian, we are Indians! Trish is quite generalizing and its not really true. This is Maru from India, not Asia, rating this episode an average 2.5 point of 5, it was ok and we are missing the regulars.

Episode 173: Sequoia, pt. 2

Thursday, August 20 2020

THis is crazy show with weird people. i dont understand it why does sequoia who seems nice want to making talks with strange people. david canada american is jew and strange people callers i think i can not understand. lots of shouting. Alisa is making very much sex speaks and it is funniest but still show is very poor and has lots of bad words. JayJay is talk with marenda. i ask is this a normal show and for a answer i really dno't understand. very bad words with strange and many topics. this is rahul from india with rating of this strange podcast show with 1 stars i not recommend to my friends [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 172: Jon Cooper, pt. 3

Thursday, August 13 2020

Its the episode 172 of this show and today's guest is Jon Copper, David's brother, who lives in Canada. The typical sibling camaraderie is on display during their initial talk. And we get the 2 callers Dan and Tony being one of them. Then Miranda also joins in. Dan is quite for most of the time. The main discussion of today's episode is David and JJ's upcoming trip to his childhood home in Canada. And Miranda is pissed that she is not invited to it. And Dan and Tony pull David, who has a meltdown over this. We watch both argue over this. And the argument continues post the ogling at Tony's Ex. Davids justification for not inviting Miranda, "Because of the quarantine" is reminded me of "We were on a break" from FRIENDS. This is MarU from India rating this show a 2.5 of 5. PS: Thanks for the bonus and one question to David, why is there an ad of "Pornhub Gay" and it takes to a stupid ad of person showing tongue problems!

Episode 171: Joseph Ugalde, pt. 4

Thursday, August 6 2020

okay for me , i dont know why there is a few problems in this episode , so i decide to be honest and say it all even if u will not pay , so lets begin with the sound i think someone has the higher volume between david and joseph , about the subject im not into that cuz i hate being listening to something like that , the episode was kinda boring no excitement not a good comedy to hear , infunny! again and shout out to vikiZ i hear that he s the big fan meanwhile i hate being judging this i really hate! so if u are joseph or david i wish u the best and i wish u to be better one day cuz u really suck a little bit with comedy i rate this 4/20 Maybe 1 star to 10

Episode 170: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 9

Thursday, July 30 2020

Episode 170 of the show and tonight's guest is Tracy Nguyen, a regular on the show now. The first 30 minutes we get lots of Tracy's relationships, and a lots of her steamy encounters., in addition to that we have David playing the Agony Aunt. She should get someone to write of her sex tales. Then we have a discussion of Drugs. Wow people dont take long to adapt to any solution, an app to check the COVID testing to have sex. Then Miranda joins in. And finally we have a caller, and its Tony. Looks like he is only caller nowadays. Tracy has fully has turned into a full on nymphomaniac. And we also get JJ to the scheme. Tracy thats called being Spiritual. And we get the line of the show "God is a Tool", David you should consider titling this for the episode. Love you too Tony. And we hope you didnt mean India Summer. One of ok episodes, with a whole lot of sex, threesomes, drugs etc. The only thing missing was David's obsession with hemorrhoids. This is MarU from India rating this episode of the show a 2.5 of 5. PS: David I understand people spamming you with reviews, and you need to motivate people to write better so atleast give a bonus to the review you select for your site. Also waiting for the Bollywood songs. [Editor's note: we gave MarU a bonus.]

Episode 169: Rev. James

Thursday, July 23 2020

It appears that the great and mighty David Cooper is also hit badly by Corona virus financially. But I believe not. Being jewish, he can never be in loss and will find ways to keep himself in profit, even at the expense of justice and fairness. It is the jewish way. Today's interview is with a guy named James whose first name is Reverend. I love Tony. Brings such a great energy into show. He has a strong opinion about everything, although he does not believe in any of it. He reminds me of a character in one of Dostoevsky's novels. I agree with Miranda, Atheism makes you more logical and you think you are closer to reality but maybe not. I like religious talks. Lots of religious talks. In the world of hypocrisy and doubt, everybody craves honesty and certainty. Time is of essence though, and should be spent wisely. Sandeep from India rates this episode 3 out of 5 stars

Episode 168: Dan Linley, pt. 10

Thursday, July 16 2020


Episode 167: Natasha Vinik, pt. 2

Thursday, July 9 2020

And in yet another episode we see David Cooper and his highly prepared and rigorously chosen guests with their televisions on while they air (where did I ever hear a similar podcast episode? Oops, I think it was another episode by David himself!) I love how the conversation got sexually confusing when the red-haired miranda came on the scene, it is at times like this that the show goes on and starts to do well, I think. YES DAVID, YOU ARE A GREAT SNOB! So, I just got single too and I'm looking for any kind of relationship (human, preferably), could you call me and solve my love life? Unfortunately, I just don't have a boat to match anyone, does it serve something similar to a boat that I can take there in a not-so-clean pond? Guest natasha vinik has horrible skin condition. Finally, Luiz from northeastern Brazil gives this podcast a deserved 3 stars out of 5 (sorry, I'm not here to lie). [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]