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Episode 63: Miranda, pt. 3

Thursday, March 1 2018

The show may be a crap or disgusting to others view. But from my side, it is a nice show with a different idea that a radio show with conversation without topics. David Cooper's chat was so funny with some bad words, but that's not seen as a big issue in this episode. It was great when he mostly accepted to improve the episode which was requested by Indians fan Banu and Svatish. Not only from them, from my side also i request you to run this show with a reasonable topic. As the show has international following, the topic may also bring any changes. But David Cooper is really a great man who publicly read out the comments given by the followers though it has bad reviews. Overall the show was good to hear and it was a funny 2 hours spent in my life listening to a topic less speech. Miranda girlfriend of david is nice to listen. Anoop from India rate this episode 3.5 stars. That was well I think.

Episode 62: Justin Lockwood

Thursday, February 15 2018

David has the comedian Justin Lockwood on, as his guest. Not even 10 minutes into the show, guess who's back on air? - it's a Tony coup d'etat all over again - nearly! He reveals that he got to meet up with David's social media intern Celeste and his girlfriend Miranda, while in San Francisco. I breathed a sigh of relief when our man was off after giving us some ginger insights. David gets Miranda to call in and we get the load on David's bottom burps, among other things. David admits to Justin that he wasn't a huge fan of him earlier and the two talk things out. David narrates how a fellow comedian helped him name the show and two take a trip down memory lane. It was interesting listening to a comedian's take on how a comedian ought to be and the interplay between being a designer and an artist. Justin reveals that his favourite comedian growing up was Richard Lewis. On a closing note, David discloses that he's going to be co-hosting a new radio show with a real interesting setting. The episode closes before Tony can come around for another ambush. That's me, Sam from Singapore rating this train wreck (David's words, not mine) with 5 stars - that went really well, I think.

Episode 61: Oli

Thursday, February 8 2018

David hosts Oli who is visiting from Scotland. David and Oli first met online while playing the role-playing game called Ultima Online. David mentions that he had a rough upbringing in Toronto, Canada and he took to Lego at a very early age. A caller then dials in from a few blocks away - the man happens to work for Mozilla (of Firefox fame). The next caller Tony (visiting from the UK) was hilarious but he probably maxed out his cards paying for roaming. I was glad when he finally got off - the show was going a bit sideways at that point. David struck an apologetic tone with Oli for his teeny gaming persona but Oli was pretty sporty about it. And Tony pops up again - does that bloke ever give up? Christian (from the gaming days), whom David tried to call earlier in the show, leaves a text but he's unable to get past his voicemail. And guess what? - think I'll step out for a pizza too. Or maybe a table-shower first. That's me, Sam from Singapore rating this episode with 4 stars - that went quite well, I think. But we know that listening could be a waste of time.

Episode 60: Peter

Thursday, February 1 2018

David cooper and Peter a guy who doesn't want his last name to be pronounced. The fish meat ball recipe wasn't a good idea to start about, they tried best to pull out the identity of the first caller who isn't steve or charles nor sells bitcoin or shitcoin. David is so proud to announce himself as a gay and I feel sorry about Miranda. Except he's not really gay i think. It's stupid. The show had a mix of sh*t stuff like "grabbing microphone from female reporter" and pussy, a bad comedian who made bad rape jokes, Alexander the architect, hearing munching snack sounds, f*cking the right pussy, pee hole, jewish pee and lot of poop. The story about peters' ex-girlfriend was bit sad, at last the were trying hard to pull in callers with expired snickers bait, as no one turned up to call the show, i am not suprised no one called so they called Miranda who pulled David's leg and tried to spoil his name as much as possible. It sounded more like a long boring discussion, I would like to pay David a million dollar (If I had) so to stop doing this show. Swatish form India rates this stupid podcast with 1 star, I would rate with -1 if it is allowed. Very bad. [Editor's note: a -1 star rating is allowed. And it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 59: Celeste

Thursday, January 25 2018

This week guest Celeste comes to the David Cooper show. Host David begins the show with his very famous line "no one is listening and no one cares". Guest Celeste, 20, who is having a gap from school, feels better working at cafe and for most people she is like Mexican. Suddenly, Josi makes a call and talks David if he is making profit out of the show. David suggests Celeste that Josi is very free spirited. Celeste who believes in pro-abortion tries to make her Mom believes that she loves guys and she is not lesbian. That went well, I think. Elisa makes a surprising call and tells David that she is calling to the show because Celeste is her friend and she wants to say hi and also tells that it's appropriate to be friend with a 19 years girls but David insists that don't call him daddy on social media. In final part, host David talks about Jewish tradition and circumcision and concludes the show thanking guest Celeste for giving him idea to have one psychic in the show. Anand from India rates this episode 4 star!

Episode 58: Atish Mehta

Thursday, January 18 2018

"The This is going well, I think with David Cooper is a funny, interesting can relate in this type of radio episode I have ever listened his sense of humor he is kind of catching someone's will to share their experiences and he can maintain a good conversation that he can give twists like throwing funny jokes and still keeps on holdign back on the boundaries of getting totally offending compliments to his guests and with the caller's in the episode. There are caller's in the episode that are connected with Atish Mehta like his sister who interviewed his brother about his weird things he like to do were Atisha felt awkward but still he keeps on riding the questions showing his natural way of attitude of being easy to be with and also his girl friend Nicole, David played funny jokes to her saying to Atisha about her, he says 'What is the taste of her butt hole?"", and this questions really made me laugh too much. Lots of callers were on the line up asking questions to Atish about his passion as a DJ and makes him proud, David rank his episode least of all, he really hates his own show. that do not make sense to me. I am Dhruv from India, indian like atish and he remind of me of that and I am rate this episode with 4.5 stars.

Episode 57: Joshua Rosenthal

Thursday, January 11 2018

In this podcast, Joshua Rosenthal is the jewish restaurant manager. he talks about his girl friend who does not talk to him and that hurts him. Various callers calling and talk about their relationship. A caller named Alex calls and for david he is he most confusing caller. David and Joshua speak about restaurants. Josh speaks about the positive things he wants to teach people. they also get a caller who is given a fake name as Donaa. she is only laughing. That went well i think it really is good to listen if u want to have a good laugh. seriously!! makes you feel witty and your rough day will go smooth. just relax back and enjoy and have fun while listening to their conversation and do not be confuse. myself Ashfaq from India would like to give this podcast a rating of 3 stars.. bingo!!! [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 56: Vahé Hove

Thursday, January 4 2018

Nice talk with vahe hove, Vahe is very frank with David. This is an healthy talk with some funny topic with Hove. In this talk there are mostly talk only about david. Hove said that he was in Santiago. Hove talk about his wife I like some topic about this topic. He was said that he is an Armenian and it is friendly place for Christian. In this podcast mostly no caller in this. Caller mairenda is always there. But hole conclusion of this is good, nothing about any porn thing. David talk is relay good on this episode. Good talk with hove. I am nicolae from Canada like david but from Moldova first, and I rate 3 star to this episode. This was a mostly good talk. Thank you. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 55: Marty Cunnie

Thursday, December 21 2017

I like this talk with Marty, He is best comedian, He talk with david with very funny things. He talk about his study in the economics. A caller name I guess "shahim" is talking about Saudi Arabia's terror and devid talk to trump foreign policy like embassy in Jerusalem. In mid of this talk David and marty talk a caller Mariya of she's eating habit this part is very funny. Some part of this talk is really boring and interesting like a text massage which is send buy "wik." I guess name is right. He said that, "There is a pattey in my paint and every one invited to eat it." I think it is not Acceptable, not that is went well. Well, hole talk is just fine. I am Sunil from India, I rate this episode 3 Star. It is good not great episode, Thanks.

Episode 54: Miranda, pt. 2

Thursday, December 14 2017

I don't know how could someone record such crap and call it a radio show. The entire show is a mess from the host David cooper choosing his girlfriend Miranda as the guest to fill in because the actual guest didn't come. It is an Unprepared and unplanned show, they both don't know what to talk about. Adding fuel to the fire, a woman started yelling outside the door asking to turn the speakers down. This greatly brought the David's motivation down that he had to say millions of filler words like aahh.. uhmm for the initial 12 minutes. Its nice to hear David panic and ruin the show, but honestly its already ruined from before they start. They choose topic "Noise pollution" then moved to "What is difficult about Christmas this year?" where none of them went well, I think. The first caller called in to play some music instead of talking, that was again a bad beginning, the second caller tried to figure about what the show is really about, but no one had an answer. David is never anwer that question. The third caller Erica spent a lot of time talking literally nothing but nitrogen truck and solace. Towards the end a lady whom they called solace called just to talk about her bad day at work. Swatish form India rating this pathetic show with -1000000 stars.

Episode 53: Mischa Salmon, pt. 2

Thursday, December 7 2017

"Good talk with mischa Solomon, wick is always here Ha ha ha... Soloman is nice man. he said that he is tired because he traveled in long flight. He said right. Some topic of this talk is not really good, like panics and balls, A caller name robart, talk on some funny topic. In mid of this talk about American embassy in Israel, I enjoyed this topic. David talk with Solomon about his mom's and his relation. He talk that, She was in hospital and he was not there. A caller marinda is talking very friendly with some topic. This is a first talk which is I really like that. I am sonu from India, rate 3 star to this podcast. This was a good talk. Thank you. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 52: Marcy [sic]

Thursday, November 30 2017

David cooper the host brings Marcy to the show. He introduces her as a comedian but throughout the show I could never figure out why she was introduced so. Cooper tried to pull out her age and got it as 32, not all women would say that, they started the show with a scam call discussion which is quite boring, and the first caller Jonathan, 19 made the show even worse. The man high on weed speaking in a rate of less than 5 words per minute just called in to have good time, which no one had. He made the boring show terribly boring. Every effort of cooper to get something out of the caller went in vain. The call form wick who is a fan of cooper, was somewhat lively. and Miranda, Cooper's girlfriend spoiled his image as much as possible. Throughout the show Marcy was upset that it wasn't a prepared show with no set. Marcy is really hate cooper, which good, I like this I hate Cooper too. They gradually ended the show by munching food. Overall the show is a junk boring podcast to waste time listening to. Swatish from India rating it with 1 star. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 51: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 2

Thursday, November 16 2017

David Cooper starts off by describing us a cup of Ritual Coffee, the shows sponsor. Its episode 51 today. Tracy Nguyen is the today's guest on the show, this her second time here. The kick off their banter over Chelsea Handler issue. They start to bash Jews, gays. They move on to the topic of Tracy going to Japan. Its almost halfway through the show but there is no caller yet. I am not surprise honestly, because they are not nice to listen or talk to. Some of their jokes are good but most of them leave a bad taste in the mouth. The first caller is orders a Pizza. They also discuss their childhood spanking, with Tracy being quite graphic in her description of it. Finally they receive a call from Ben from Tinder. The next caller, Miranda, discusses The Robot Unicorn, the Facebook game. Then come more Jew jokes. Looks like i wasted out an hour of my life on this stupid show, i wonder who and why do they pay for this show. This is Maru from India rating this episode 1 star. That went well, I think.

Episode 50: Caliban

Thursday, November 9 2017

David Cooper and Caliban started the show. Cooper tried to pull information about Caliban's personal life, he tried to elope from the topic by giving general information. Well later both of them are not happy about their partners. The concept of the first woman telling "Riding bicycle without a shirt" and expecting not getting objectified seems real challenge these days. The ampersand gal was quite not open about being polygamous, still she calls her partners as friends, thats crazy though. Women bicycle without shirt without getting objectified! Cooper and Caliban were staying at some point that no techie would be listening to the show, still Caliban gave a lot of techie tech information. Both lost their mind when that crazy women just called in to get "Attention" sounded super crazy and I want to do it one day. The other callers sounded normal, and one caller refused to discuss about personal life though that is what the entire show is all about, LOL why call? While Cooper and Caliban were talking about getting butterflies on first few parties, that is so real, and anyone would relate to it. Talking about first sex, that is a memorable experience for anyone for topping the most nervous moments of life, so real. Afzal from Lahore give episode two half of five stars.

Episode 49: Dan Linley, pt. 4

Thursday, November 2 2017

David Cooper starts the show with some very useless information. How can every show be the last episode? How did they even get to episode 49? It's not a funny joke. David introduces the comedian and tennis instructor, Dan Linley. Some insane and profane remarks are thrown around by both of the speakers as if they don't mind who is listening. They speak as though molestation and pedophilia are things that are normal, this show is honestly ungodly. Nothing they talk about is related to anything except the profanity they use. Why do people have to bring up gay-ism, sexual perversion, sexism, racism or inappropriate jokes in order to get people's attention? These guys have no idea if there is such a thing as too much profanity. Suprise, there is. To their credit, at least some constructive discussions were made on sexism and culture at some point in the show. Generally, I feel this was a complete waste of time. However, since they were able to buy the equipment and record this show, they earn a star. my name is David from Kenya and I give this episode that didn't go well, I think a rating of 1 star.