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Episode 91: Trish Pandya & Watson

Thursday, October 18 2018

Episode 91 of "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is Trish Pandya who had bailed out the last time. And the second guest is a Watson. They are on the show for a date, cant think of a worst place for a date, but hey who am i to judge. The show has a boring start. The first caller is Gay Gallow, who goes on to talk about his date/break up. They all go on to discuss polyamory relations. Then next boring discussion is on Martinis. The discussion was so boring, Gallow hung up without saying good bye. Finally another caller Miranda, who had to hold on till they dispensed off with Rommey. The next call is from a person who is confused about the show. This the most boring episode in recent times. Get some better guests, David. This is Karti from India rating the Episode 91 with 1 star.

Episode 90: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 4

Thursday, October 11 2018

It sure feels like ages - am I glad to be listening to Cooper again or what!? Sounds like the show has even moved up the ladder with a new station picking up the feed - way to go! David gets things rolling with his usual drill and introduces his guest Tracy Nguyen. However, the episode gets off the blocks with a whimper. Tracy brings up something that I've often wondered too - why does David get worked up when someone refers to the show as a podcast?! Miranda then makes an early call in and the three get chatting. But it doesn't take long before our leading man from across the pond calls in. Between tinder swipes, ass wipes, getting rimmed, boob squeezes and being on call to Her Majesty's Drone service, our man in London still makes his Friday morning dates. That's commitment! Tony comes to Cooper's rescue when he needs him the most - kinda like a laxative for the show (although Tony might argue it's the other way around!). After Tony hangs up, Cooper and Tracy strive to salvage the rest of the episode. Cooper goes on to play a hilarious clip from Burning Man. The curtains come down for the week with a karaoke duet which to be honest, cracked me up. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this sing-along episode with 4 stars - that turned out well in the end, I think.

Episode 89: Dan Linley, pt. 6

Thursday, October 4 2018

Episode 89 (not 69) of "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is Dan Linley after Trish Pandey rescheduled to sometime in November. Quite early in the show there is a call who hangs up. Dan has a list of things to be discussed on the show. They go on to discuss Davids butthole, not the best part of the show. The first call on the show is from Clint, who works for San Francisco parks alliance, a non-profit. and they discuss a bunch of parks. The next caller is Vic. They go on crack jokes on the Jews. They have a long Q&A. Then Dan has a verbal diarrhea on the Kardashians, who he hates to the core. The next caller is the show regular, Tony. Tony has testy relation with Dan. Then we get a dose of typical Tony humor, but its quite subdued. The last caller is another regular Miranda, who has fought with her. One of the boring David Cooper shows in recent times. This is Karti from India rating the show a 1 out of 5.

Episode 88: Alexandria Love, pt. 4

Thursday, September 20 2018

Episode eighty eight of the show and today's guest on the show is a repeat from the last year Alexandria Love. They kick off the discussing Bitcoins later it gets a bit emotional when David mentions his ex-girlfriend. Its one of David's least swearing show, well atleast for first thirty minutes. Then they go on to discuss some TV shows. The second caller is Ray Connelly, who is a fellow comedian and had visited Alex's show last night. The next caller is Tony, a regular on the show and brings in a whole lot of shit. Blurts out a lot of profanities and racial comments. They go on to discuss some serious stuff. The next caller is Miranda, a weekly here. And some more discussions. This episode has lesser profanities, racial comments. This is Karti here from India (still waiting to hear back from you) rating episode eighty eight a Four out of Five. [Editor's Note: we'll call Karti at a later date.]

Episode 87: Munette, Anally, pt. 2

Thursday, September 6 2018

This is the 87th episode of the show called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is is Munette, Anally. [Editor's Note: a pseudonym] Munette is podcast host herself and also does editing for it. She is self-proclaimed smelly person and baths only 4 times a week which is more than David. They go on to discuss an episode which they had shot together and David uploads its only for her mom to find it. There the show kicks off its dick, masturbate jokes. The part where they rename Munette as Ma-anally was hilarious. The first guest is the old time favorite Miranda. They all go on to discuss their porno likes and dislikes. The next caller is the crazy guy Tony, another regular. And the show goes to another level. I am beginning to like the show, its wicked vulgar sense of humor is fun and quite enjoyable. This was one of the better shows after a couple of previous shows. Thanks for taking my name in show, i would love to call the show. This is Karthi from India rating this episode o 3 out of 5, thanks for the entertainment.

Episode 86: Rachel Raphael

Thursday, August 16 2018

Today's guest on the show is called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" is Rachel Raphael. It is episode 86. They go on discuss their friend Marty, Then they discuss Rachel's life, her earlier life and all. They both discuss their Jewish school experience. Lots of sex. The first caller is Miranda, a regular on the show. They together go on to discuss Rachael's cancer and she overcoming it. The next caller is Tony, yet another regular and brings in a bunch of profanities. The show picks some pace after Tony's entrance into the show. Not the best David Cooper show, but still okay and good. This is Karthi from India rating this show with 2 stars.

Episode 85: Erica Johnston

Thursday, August 9 2018

This is the show is called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today is the episode. Today's guest on the show is Erica Johnston, a longtime friend of David. [Editor's Note: David and Erica barely know each other.] The initial part of the part is boring specifically about the cult that Erica has joined. The first call is Ezra, a regular on the show. He has a beautiful voice. It has all the typical jokes with whole loads of cuss words like penis, gay jokes. Can be disgusting. Then Tony, another regular on the show, calls up. The discussion of the stripper show was quite good. The next caller is Miranda, yet another show regular. Erica's answer on her early marriage was heartfelt and felt genuine. This is Karti from India rating this episode a 3 out of 5. Never a good show, always okay. Cheers bye!

Episode 84: Jon Cooper, pt. 2 (Fire Island Special)

Thursday, August 2 2018

David takes the show to the East Coast this week - to the Hamptons where his brother Jon is having a gay bachelor party with some of his mates. The show is almost a non-starter with Jon's mates who promised to help, washing their hands off at the 11th hour. But David persists, and persist he does - albeit with the help of Miranda and Tony - Jon chips in as well. You know, with the kind of upbeat radio persona Tony puts on week after week, you sometimes tend to take it for granted that he may be the same in real life too. It was refreshing to hear him open up and take us for a peek behind the curtains - only to be derailed by McNuggets! - yes Tony, only on the David Cooper show indeed! Well, Tony manages to get himself invited for Jon's wedding later in the summer, and I have a feeling he's going to make it. If he does, it sure is gonna be a riot! Sounds like we have a few interesting weeks lined up. David gives next week's episode a heads up before deciding to give the nuggets his undivided attention. Nuggets on alcohol?! - that could be a wind-breaker isn't it? I hope not. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this episode with well, no stars (to borrow from Tony - we're not in a competition, are we?). That was a decent listen, I think.

Episode 83: Sara DeForest, pt. 2

Thursday, July 26 2018

Oh yeah, the Cooper train wreck is back with another episode - the redhead going blonde, Sara DeForest is this week's guest. The two get the show going by striking up some banter before David reveals that his ex is having a child - listening to him talk about it, you kinda get the feeling that it's been on his mind a lot - or maybe not. Wrong Sara to the wrong Gabe! - insane indeed. Wonder what the odds on something like that would be!? Talking about odds and sanity, you don't have to go far to find someone who pushes both - it's our Bond from across the pond! Apparently Tony has been going around trying to get random people to wear David's cutout face masks - a topless woman with Cooper's face sounds hilarious - looks like Tony has his work cut out. On second thoughts, he might pull it off while he's out walking his dog - I wouldn't be surprised. After Tony hangs up, a couple of persistent teenagers ring in from the street and throws Cooper off, slightly. It's Sara's turn when he hears David's views Ali Wong's comedy. I reckon Cooper was on to something when he talks about one's choice to get offended. A drowsy sounding Miranda calls in before the curtains go down for the week. Always something, indeed! That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this episode with 4ish stars - that went alright, I think.

Episode 82: Sticky Buns

Thursday, July 19 2018

Today is episode number eighty two of the show called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". And today's guest is Sticky Buns. They go on to remember their summer camp and his horrible experiences in it. THey speak of masturbation. Then later their college days. later Tracy calls on the show, whose boyfriend is busy with something else. There was an emotional moment as the host and guest fought over some unresolved issues from their past. Tracy is a regular caller, and hangs up. The next caller is Tony who loves Sticky's accent. He is also a regular caller. They go on to discuss Tony. as expected from a David Cooper show there are lots of cuss words like fuck, suck dick, gay jokes. This is one of the boring episodes of this show, with no proper jokes. This is one of the most boring episodes of this show, with no proper jokes. Karthi from India rating this show a -5 stars.

Episode 81: Marty Cunnie & Michelle

Thursday, July 12 2018

That time of the week again - an upbeat sounding David introduces his hinged guests, Marty & Michelle who sound like a real fun couple. The first caller, musically inclined Momo sets things up for a cracker of an episode. Yeah, no din-din cos he's on Android - way to go Michelle! And thanks to Momo, now I know what the track which won't be getting the next Grammy is called - Don't gimme rabies! VCR Head Cleaner, really?! - man, that just gave some of my childhood memories a whole new tinge - thanks David! And guess who's back on the transatlantic line!? - The one and only Tony! Boy did we miss him or what? And what a comeback story! The last time I was at a farmhouse I just saw sheep, dang! You know, I still can't figure out why Tony goes off the rails each time David has a go at his physical appearance - he can do better! Our guests get some game talk going and Miranda rings in just as things were warming up. But boy did she have me cracking me up today - there was a Mohammed in there as well! - talking about classic liners, that one's up there! And what a nice thought to finish the episode, Michelle. My cheekbones are aching from all the laughing. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this episode with every star I can think of - it'll be hard to better this one, I think.

Episode 80: Annie & Dan Linley, pt. 2

Thursday, July 5 2018

Made it indeed! - a hung-over David is back at the Ritual for #80, with Annie and Dan Linley returning as guests. The trio gets the bantering going on a laid-back note. David brings up the recent outing of Shitbag and Dan is not happy with how the show went. An apologetic David floats the idea that he could take a step back and have someone else fill in. From what I can make out, the show is still in it's infancy and it's probably a good time to try if something new works. Annie's plug for her new show, 'Bottomless Standards' is interrupted by the evening's first caller- Womanizer's greatest fan! Talk about silken ocean waves and minute long crests - you know, I was thinking - maybe the Germans could use that line for one of their ads, but good luck matching Miranda's conviction. Tina, the next caller may have tripped on some outcropping and hung up. And yeah, think I was a bit Arachnophobic too but I've gotten over it over the years - trekking in a rainforest sure helps! Vic rings in and takes things on a different tangential. For a second there, I wasn't sure whether to feel happy or sad for our Obama fan. That aside, it sounds like Dan has some interesting shows in the pipeline. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this rather drivel of an episode with 2 stars - that could've been better, I think.

Episode 79: Mischa Salmon & Celeste

Thursday, June 21 2018

I can't understand the motive of the show. I don't know what he tries to talk. The starting itself is a great mess. He shouts unnecessarily during the conversation. It makes me very tensed and angry and I got frustrated in the starting itself. It was a great insult for David Cooper by the first caller. The question was how come this show has come up to 79 episodes and it was nice question by the caller. But the answer by him was irritating that he cannot know to answer for this question. He was adding it as child and the words used in the shows is unpleasant. Even the guest using the words such as f**k randomly. No one can hear this type of shows. The first caller was dating. Unnecessary talks takes place in this show. The guests does not behave themselves properly as the guests. First of all f**k your show. Oh my god what type of show is this? I can't even hear it for a minute. It was very boring with unwanted talks. Why this show is conducted by him? In my personal thoughts this show is waste of time filled only with unwanted talks. There is no useful things in this show. Highly frustrated after listening to the talks. The title of the show is not at all suit with the talks. They are thinking that it is going well but it was the whole mess. In order to pass their own time they are conducting this stupid show. This show makes me highly angry because of their unwanted stupid talks. "Fucked on the pizza" Is this very important for this show? This show is not to discuss about each other's bed experience. I am really confused whether this is a show or a matrimony?? I can't understand the second caller's motivation. Why he called and what he wants to get things from these stupids? Unwanted noises behind the shows is not at all a good sign for a valuable show. From this the importance they have given to the show is known by us. A 20 year old girl is all the chief guest for this show. They are just making fun of each others. They are getting tired or not after listening to this stupid I get really tired and frustrated. I think both the men have come to know the details of the girl who have come as a guest because she is a small girl and they are asking about the boy friend . It is very stupid behavior. Would you sleep with your sister is a f**k question. I am really depressed because of this show. They are even insulting the callers. What is there about to talk about AVI and the dating with it. The conversations is jumping as they like. There is no order and it was not at all like a show. Full of sexual talks. David is very proud to say him as a gay and it was very stupid. Oh my god I can't bare their idiotic talks. In this situation he is singing and can't able to hear that voice. But for my relief I can hear the song for my relaxation but it was also not played full and while playing the song the idiotic talks is interfered. The question of the fifth caller is somewhat useful I think but it was messed with the stupid answers. They are talking stupid always. If I was an anchor I would have done it better than David. I can't even accept this as a radio show. I beg Mr.David Cooper not to conduct this type of show hereafter. I can't bare this type of unnecessary talks. It they asked me to rate this show I will always rate this as negative as I can. Very bad, worst show I have ever heard till now. That went well, I think. I am Karishma.

Episode 78: Anah Redding

Thursday, June 14 2018

"F**king" the word I hear the most in this show I really dont know why the F David uses it is like gordon ramsay sometimes. Hilarious caller taking to herslef really the shit of this show. Gosh undergoing biopsy in 20 years is just insane I would never ever do that. no one would do that who love their body. God! she is really great to accept her everything in her own. "sammmm antha" . hahaha hilarious samantha. I wear t-shits sound like I am gay. Its very stupid. Cooper sounds very much funny. The show is useful but seems boring. David talks more than the guest and miranda is ridiculous she doesn't even know that she is still in the line. God..! such a poor podcast.Make it better by making some enthusiastic this. but David sounds responsive. He knews thats he is the one who can make this show good. Gosh just do that man. Rather than saying take the responsibility and do it. overall a not bad a good one. I am Aaradhya. "Not bad" consists of bad in it so please make it good. This is must Go well David! [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 77: Matt Naderi

Thursday, June 7 2018

[Editor's note: the following antagonization of David Roth involves fictitious statements by David Cooper.] David ropes in fellow comedian Matt Naderi, as the stand in guest for the episode. Naderi is Maz Jobrani lite and sounds pretty laid back. After a brief call from his (apparently crazy) roomie, he goes on to talk about his Dad, who moved to the country before the Iranian Revolution. David Roth (of Courtyard by Marriott fame) is our next caller, and he doesn't exactly mince his words when it comes to what he thinks about the show. After some pushing and prodding, Cooper admits that he's had some beef with Roth and makes an effort to come clean. Jamie Bond, all set to leave on his next mission to the Korean Peninsula, interrupts the call. I can't help imagining what new shit he's going to stir up - we should get a progress report this time, next week. For all you know, the South Koreans might fly him to Singapore for some fruity comic relief while the two overweight men meet, Trump and Tony. Straight shooter and WebEx hater Miranda then calls in to put Cooper in his place, followed by Roth who rings back to clear the air. After Roth hangs up, Naderi shares some of his experiences living abroad. Cooper brings the curtain down for the week, but not before a few plugs for shows both the men have coming up. That's me, Sam in the Far East rating this episode with 4 stars - that went pretty sour free, I think.