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Episode 41: Neptune

Tuesday, August 1 2017

This week guest Neptune comes to the David Cooper show and talks about his teenage life at Naperville. Neptune talks how the Naperville people are so openly racist. David's girlfriend Maranda calls and complains David that he does not want to hear from her. Then David talks about Indian foods and Jewish culture and festival. Then, a surprising call from Jonathan makes the show bit more interesting. Jonathan talks David that he quit smoking 5 - 6 weeks ago and he is boring with Neptune and suggests Neptune to go on a date with David. That went well, I think. In the meantime, Maranda calls back David and complains why he deselects her text. Neptune tells Maranda that she is hilarious and he loves that. David's friend Nick calls the show and shows his interest to sell his bike. David tells 'I would like to consider selling my butthole but it's not a legal thing to sell'. Maranda calls again and asks David what we gonna eat dinner tonight. Neptune tells Maranda - 'I can't wait to see you actually in person Maranda'. Ganesh from India rates this episode 3.5 star!

Episode 40: Ray Connolly & Dan Linley

Thursday, July 27 2017

David this time has on show Ray Connolly and Dan Linley.. Dan has been third time in the show. they have big arguments about being defensive. Topic on the podcast is anti semitism. There is a lot of discussion about birthday celebrations giving cash instead of gifts. Overall lot of laughter and fun. later Vick calls in and talk about Marielle who is a musician. Personally found it very wierd not really used my time well. That did not go well, i think. Conversations get boring and off topic comes in between. It merely seems to be more of a funny . conversation not with much learning or knowing. Well I think its highly simple . There are many funny jokes which don't make me laugh. Myself Insiya from India will give this podcast a rating of 2 stars. Great day guys.keep watching [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 39: Muriel MacDonald

Tuesday, July 25 2017

At the start itself David tells he has been on date with the guest Muriel. Okay. They talked about harassment of women and David asks about Muriel's birth and parent. They discussed Jew culture as both are Jew. David spoke about other opportunities as the show is ending because organizers are closing down. David's Brother Jonathan calls and discuss about his homosexual engagement. Muriel says she writes comedic songs. Then Muriel's Brother Isaac calls and discuss his childhood and them being supportive brother and sister. Isaac spoke about his previous girlfriend. Muriel spoke about her ex Matt who is a mountain biker and called him. He seems pleasant and spoke about the relationship and their breakup. David annoy teased them both. They hung up on Matt and received a call from Muriel friend Allison, a love doctor and talked about sex with a lot of practical discussion. A guy nick calls and spoke about his bike, he wants to sell it and following that there was a call from a woman. Finally Miranda calls and talks about fun things like sex, David and the show. This has gone really well think and the conversations are seamless. Ravi rates the episode with 3.5 stars.

Episode 38: Omar Doe, pt. 2

Thursday, July 20 2017

David cooper starts the conversion telling the famous "This is going well going good". Its episode number 38, Omar doe episode, Here he is telling hulk hogan is his favourite racist. His family also liked it very much and used to watched it along with his all other family members. Stern Tatoo is a art and its is not a trouble tatoo. Then the lady come into conversation and she told that she had a Threesome sex. Its was very good and special and makes me happy laughter. They also talked about canada sex education. Juice for jesus was there Second last topic that they talked. F*cking talks (sex talks) were going on regularily in the conversation. At last a lady called and they talk about pov,vr porn. Finally the conversation ended with david cooper saying good night. Poulose from India rates this podcast that went very well, I will give 4 stars, I think. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 37: Celeste & Dale, pt. 2

Tuesday, July 18 2017

David Cooper is having a talk with Dale and celeste. They both are seeing each other and enjoy same TV shows.David,Dale and Celeste talk anything which does not really sounds great to me. Talking about their relationship ,about TV shows like new girl, incidences in San Francisco ,talks about liberalism and so on. All this does not really make me feel good to even listen . If you are free with ample time go ahead.It is quite annoying to listen to their talks. Why would I even want to know about the Canadian parliament shooting it really helps me in no way. Insensible talks about scooters and cars does not make sense to me at all. This podcast was just so inappropriate. Not enjoyed, I think it goes well for the three though. Myself Nazneen from India would rate this podcast This is going well, I think with 2 stars... Cheers guys!!!! [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 36: Miranda

Thursday, July 13 2017

David cooper brings his girlfriend Miranda since he had nothing planned for the show. He told his number and prompted people to call in to talk to both of them. His girlfriend plans to end the show early so they can have dinner later. They talk about stuff, like David hasn't bathe in five days, then about why is she dating him, she must be naive. More sensitive and disgusting topics that I really didn't want to hear about. They get a caller Rey, who I beleive does stand up comedy and they agree to host the new season at his home in his back yard. Another caller came in but it's his brother John. Another caller who is gay was asked questions, and I was very much disgusted really. This podcast had no learning aspect and I feel like I wasted my time and listened to things that only corrupted my mind, like jews, gays, fornication, cheesy jokes, and just random talks. But since they put all this time into it, Mackaina from Jamaica rates this podcast that went well, I think with just 1 star. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 35: David Roth

Tuesday, July 11 2017

"That went well, I think" well.. only David cooper the host of the podcast would think so. David roth the guest for the show. They thought of starting with a bang by calling Jonathan Cooper to discuss about "Gay jewish hunter's club" but ended up in voice mail, that shows that they were un prepared and unplanned about the show. But this always the case for David cooper. The first caller called in to know what really the show is about which both host and guest is clueless about. They both had long talks on stuffs like jews, vegetarianism, drugs, Burning man community and hyper mania. I hope Cooper's girlfriend Miranda called in because no one else did, and ended up roasting Cooper with the help of Roth. I'm sure no audience will be pleased to know about Roth's weird nipples and Cooper's half nails. The show was at peak of craziness when caller Suzuki cheese (unsure) called in just to show she is crazier than the show itself. Though her talks were very unclear, she atleast entertained with her loud singing. Miranda called in again to fill the show, Last caller Alligator and her niece called in just to make the show more boring. For the show that didn't go well. Swatish form India rating with 1 star. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 34: Annick Adelle

Thursday, July 6 2017

Well, what kind of this show man, It is all about just porn and sex. In this talk, david talk with his guest Annick about that, "she is use vibrator or not" I mean what kind of this talk make seance. How can you talk about this kind of thing. This talk where david said about her girl friend that, "she is very aggressive about this kind of sh*t thing." So, that well, I think we should avoid this type of talk in publically. Annick is a comedian, but David not talk about any funny topic, Annick German, David Jew. Annick is lesbian and has lots of talks like that. I like some topic where David talk about his family. It is nice part of this ugly talk. some caller are also talk about only sex this. I am Sunil from india rate this episode 2 star. I think it is more for this. Thanks.

Episode 33: Alexandria Love, pt. 2

Thursday, June 22 2017

David coopers 33 episode brings in Alexandria Love . this is fun to listen to guys. you will be smiling throughout. Alexandria is full of laughter she will surely get a smile on your face.such a fun loving conversation and they ask callers to call in. they have a caller who is a gay. Alexandria speaks about her new job in science, then a caller named Jeanne calls and they speak about skin products. another caller talks about video games. in between these conversations there is so much enjoyment . your just smiling throughout. Miranda , davids girl friend also joins in and speaks about what she likes and dislikes about David. well i think this goes well with humour and excitement. must watch. fun loving conversations. myself Pasha from India would like to rate this podcast with 3.5 stars. its awesome fun.. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 32: Scott Cohen

Thursday, June 15 2017

this particular podcast is with Scott Cohen who is a comedian. they talk about how they met and rescheduled for the show. he speaks about his performance more like story telling. he writes stuff for his grandparents for the show "colorful grandparents". there are many different callers calling in . sometimes it really sucks to hear people calling and talking rubbish things.David talks to his girl friend Miranda and argues over funny things.Scott cohen talks about his international family. and about the american shows. how he got to know about the you tube channel.well i think its fun to hear them both speak that went well i think. it gives a good sense of joy sometimes listening to all people calling in and having various different conversations.go ahead and take some laughter dose. myself Pasha from Inidia would like to rate this podcast with 3.5 stars. its awesome funlistening [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 31: Tracy Nguyen

Thursday, May 25 2017

Despite the outdoor speaker not working, this week comedian Tracy Nguyen comes into the studio. Tracy talks about being born in Vietnam and living in an refugee camp. Tracy says she won't let her boyfriend go to Burning Man. David's girlfriend calls and says she hates David's haircut and talks about Real Housewives with Tracy. Chilla, a confusing man from West Africa asks about how to get booked on the radio show. David and Tracy call someone they both know to discover the most stunning revelation of the show to date: David has one friend. Celeste, a lovely former guest of the show is called and David harangues her about her recent breakup. Afterwards we call Dale, Celeste's ex-boyfriend to get his side of the story with the breakup. He starts off classy but gets in some digs. Celeste however, remained a class act. A quote from previous guest Ray Connolly comes up: "It's not a podcast, it's live radio archived as a waste of time." That went well, I think.

Episode 30: Jonathan Ortiz

Thursday, May 18 2017

A blast from David's standup past, comedian Jonathan Ortiz comes by this week. Several of Jonathan's family members call in. David forces Jonathan and his religious cousin to look at their belief in god. Jonathan takes his shirt off. Guns come up in a threatening way. That went well, I think. We wish Mr. Ortiz a great move to New York City.

Episode 29: Michael Brandon

Thursday, May 11 2017

This week comedian Michael Brandon joins us. He and David get into a heated debate over whether polyamory and open relationships work. That went well, I think. Michael asks a caller with a dog, "Who rescued who?"

Episode 28: Florentina Tanase

Thursday, May 4 2017

Romanian comedian Florentina Tanase comes by the studio this week. She discusses her husband, a "wayward" Slovakian man, and doing standup while married. David’s brother asks whether the show has been cancelled yet. A valid question. That went well, I think. David’s voices concerns that his therapist is seeing a patient that looks like him. The only fan of the show, Vic calls. David's girlfriend calls and the hashtag #FreeCeleste is born.

Episode 27: Katy Karns

Thursday, April 27 2017

We are joined by comedian Katy Karns this week. She discusses living on a bus. David's brother calls in and things get confrontational, but Katy asserts David has a supportive family. That went well, I think. Katy refuses to tell us her boyfriend's name. Katy attempts a hand at psychotherapy. The owner of the Suzuki SV650S rings while waiting for Mohammed.