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Episode 49: Dan Linley, pt. 4

Thursday, November 2 2017

David Cooper starts the show with some very useless information. How can every show be the last episode? How did they even get to episode 49? It's not a funny joke. David introduces the comedian and tennis instructor, Dan Linley. Some insane and profane remarks are thrown around by both of the speakers as if they don't mind who is listening. They speak as though molestation and pedophilia are things that are normal, this show is honestly ungodly. Nothing they talk about is related to anything except the profanity they use. Why do people have to bring up gay-ism, sexual perversion, sexism, racism or inappropriate jokes in order to get people's attention? These guys have no idea if there is such a thing as too much profanity. Suprise, there is. To their credit, at least some constructive discussions were made on sexism and culture at some point in the show. Generally, I feel this was a complete waste of time. However, since they were able to buy the equipment and record this show, they earn a star. my name is David from Kenya and I give this episode that didn't go well, I think a rating of 1 star.

Episode 48: Emma Tolkin

Thursday, October 26 2017

This week host David welcomes guest Emma Tolkin, 26, to the show 'This is going well, I think with David Cooper' and describes her as mean-master, amazing, bizarre, lovely, hilarious, and self-fragulate Emma thanks David. Dana calls the show with her biological question how to gel off because she was reading book for 20 minutes but nothing happened. Emma suggests Dana for finding of material for self- induced orgasm. Emma tells David that she was a terrible lesbian, and depression equals to uplifting f*cking ass. Then, a caller Badman, 30 years old Danish, teaches some Danish words to David and Emma, and says he has visions and ambitions. While David tells techies are marking the world worst place, Badman says there are opportunities, challenges and dreams and things are going well, and America has good things and bad things. That went well, I think. David's girlfriend Maranda says David is busy masturbating and reading science fiction. Finally, David says Emma "I hate myself and I am trying to make you hate yourself too". But why? Ganesh from India rates this episode 4.5 star!

Episode 47: Alexandria Love, pt. 3

Thursday, October 19 2017

The show begins with the usual note "This is going well I think, no one is listening and no one cares where every episode is the last episode" and I honestly believe that is true about it. This time Alexandria love was caught by the show makers who said she just got drunk 30 minutes ago in a gay neighbourhood, and I really wonder why David is so proud to announce himself as a gay though I'm pretty sure he is not one. It's just not a good joke. Getting a call form Joseline, Miranda's sister was a surprise for them, Cooper and Alex are not happy about 18 year old Joseline's 32 year old boyfriend, and it went on like a stupid investigation. The feedback of "fist in my vagina" should be the exact short review for this show. The show took a serious turn when Alex discussed about sexual harassment, that was the only good part of the show. Then two callers a guy and a girl spoke together thinking it was a show about sex, lol. The show ended with call form Miranda, Cooper's girlfriend, surprisingly she had something good to talk about david when asked. Swatish form India rating this with 2 stars

Episode 46: Jeff Dean

Thursday, October 12 2017

This is one year anniversary of the show and the guest Jeff Dean was invited who previously cancelled once, a year ago. Both being comedians, throughout the show they making jokes on each other and at times using many sarcasm. There was a caller, Michael, a fellow comedian asking about Jeff new shows and Jeff mentions about show, Overly Sensitive with Jeff and Justin and Michael booked Jeff for his show while on the call. David says he has his mom on his show to Jeff's pleasant surprise. Miranda, David's girlfriend called on the show and spoke about plantations and dating these days. Jeff mentions about the tiff with his girlfriend at that time and asks them for dating ideas but he gets teased and slight mocked by both of them. Jeff says he is trying for a special on Netflix and working towards it. A guy called Ezra call and plays some free style music and sings too. A guy called Steven calls and gives details about his date that evening. Later Jeff and David discussed parents, siblings and their shows and schedule in the future. This has gone well, mostly enjoyable. Sometimes not. Raj rates the episode with 2.5 stars!

Episode 45: Hannah Marianetti

Thursday, October 5 2017

Well, it is all about just porn and sex. In this talk, david talk with his guest Hannah about that, "she is use vibrator or not" and sex life of Hannah. But man I don't understand what is mean by four dollar vibrator. I mean what kind of this talk make seance. How can you talk about this kind of thing? This talk where david talk with caller nick about his bike, I love this topic. So, that well I think, this talk is mix seance avoid this type of talk in publically. Hannah is talking very friendly about sex topic, I like some topic where hannah talk about his relation with lesbian. It is nice part of this ugly talk. Well, I anika from India will give just 3 star for this talk. I think it is more for this. Thanks.

Episode 44: Dan Linley, pt. 3

Thursday, August 10 2017

The special guest of this week is Dan Linley. They proceed to talk about the sense of chaos the show generates which is a main appeal for the audience. Dan gives a shout out to his friend that manipulated him into getting a pedicure with them. Then they call one of Chrissy and Kyle and talk about how to make inappropriate jokes. Later they talk about the last time Dan was on the show which resulted in a fight between them but now they are cool. That went well, I think until David insult's Dan family again. Miranda call's again and scolds them for downgrading the quality of the show and reminds Dan to flush the toilet when he pees because it's disgusting. I agree. Then the crew gets into a deep conversation about art, functionality and electronics stores. David's brother Jon call's the show and they start talking about heartwarming stories about sibling's and how Dan brother got traumatized. David reveals that he once told Drake that if he didn't finish his high school he would never be successful, he was wrong. Adolf Hitler rates this episode 4 stores out of 5. [Editor's note: actual review from an anonymous Venezuelan.]

Episode 43: David A., The Owner

Tuesday, August 8 2017

Well, David A. is talking about his store "digital fix" but he did not say more about his store. Why come of that? David A. said that there is 40% off on everything, but what kind of product, he was not clear this. Went well that think the first caller name is Wally if I right, is talking about hole cost, david ask about best thing about this. A other caller Miranda is talking very openly with David. David ask about his sex thing. Confusing thing that, There are problem with caller, voice is not clear of many caller. End time of this podcast David A. said that he work very hard. David A. talk about his dad, he had MS from many years. Well, this is nice talk with David A. So, I am Sonu from india rate this episode 3 star. Thank you. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 42: Mischa Salmon

Thursday, August 3 2017

This week guest Mischa Salmon comes to "This is going well, I think with David Cooper show" and talks about his Paris and Barcelona life. Mischa likes guys but doesn't like penis. Mischa becomes nervous when David tells about the topic is Holocaust but that doesn't stop him to entertain people. Although French men are homosexual and dirty as Mischa says but he is completely heterosexual who has a well-defined list of girls that he already slept with. Suddenly a surprising call from Sean, 28 years old, grown up in Baleh comes. Sean has honesty in noodles and likes to drink fireball. That went well, I think. David tells Mischa that "you always do the right thing", no matter whether going to Barcelona or filing tax return for the first time. David's long time listener Maranda tells she needs more abusive and confusing relationships and she has very confusing comments about feminism. David is telling her "life begins with masturbation." Suddenly another caller Michael talks about dryer clothes in seven minutes and homosexual as free-range. He makes an alarming comment that he did not cry on his father's death. Ganesh from India rates this episode 4 star!

Episode 41: Neptune

Tuesday, August 1 2017

This week guest Neptune comes to the David Cooper show and talks about his teenage life at Naperville. Neptune talks how the Naperville people are so openly racist. David's girlfriend Maranda calls and complains David that he does not want to hear from her. Then David talks about Indian foods and Jewish culture and festival. Then, a surprising call from Jonathan makes the show bit more interesting. Jonathan talks David that he quit smoking 5 - 6 weeks ago and he is boring with Neptune and suggests Neptune to go on a date with David. That went well, I think. In the meantime, Maranda calls back David and complains why he deselects her text. Neptune tells Maranda that she is hilarious and he loves that. David's friend Nick calls the show and shows his interest to sell his bike. David tells 'I would like to consider selling my butthole but it's not a legal thing to sell'. Maranda calls again and asks David what we gonna eat dinner tonight. Neptune tells Maranda - 'I can't wait to see you actually in person Maranda'. Ganesh from India rates this episode 3.5 star!

Episode 40: Ray Connolly & Dan Linley

Thursday, July 27 2017

David this time has on show Ray Connolly and Dan Linley.. Dan has been third time in the show. they have big arguments about being defensive. Topic on the podcast is anti semitism. There is a lot of discussion about birthday celebrations giving cash instead of gifts. Overall lot of laughter and fun. later Vick calls in and talk about Marielle who is a musician. Personally found it very wierd not really used my time well. That did not go well, i think. Conversations get boring and off topic comes in between. It merely seems to be more of a funny . conversation not with much learning or knowing. Well I think its highly simple . There are many funny jokes which don't make me laugh. Myself Insiya from India will give this podcast a rating of 2 stars. Great day guys.keep watching [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 39: Muriel MacDonald

Tuesday, July 25 2017

At the start itself David tells he has been on date with the guest Muriel. Okay. They talked about harassment of women and David asks about Muriel's birth and parent. They discussed Jew culture as both are Jew. David spoke about other opportunities as the show is ending because organizers are closing down. David's Brother Jonathan calls and discuss about his homosexual engagement. Muriel says she writes comedic songs. Then Muriel's Brother Isaac calls and discuss his childhood and them being supportive brother and sister. Isaac spoke about his previous girlfriend. Muriel spoke about her ex Matt who is a mountain biker and called him. He seems pleasant and spoke about the relationship and their breakup. David annoy teased them both. They hung up on Matt and received a call from Muriel friend Allison, a love doctor and talked about sex with a lot of practical discussion. A guy nick calls and spoke about his bike, he wants to sell it and following that there was a call from a woman. Finally Miranda calls and talks about fun things like sex, David and the show. This has gone really well think and the conversations are seamless. Ravi rates the episode with 3.5 stars.

Episode 38: Omar Doe, pt. 2

Thursday, July 20 2017

David cooper starts the conversion telling the famous "This is going well going good". Its episode number 38, Omar doe episode, Here he is telling hulk hogan is his favourite racist. His family also liked it very much and used to watched it along with his all other family members. Stern Tatoo is a art and its is not a trouble tatoo. Then the lady come into conversation and she told that she had a Threesome sex. Its was very good and special and makes me happy laughter. They also talked about canada sex education. Juice for jesus was there Second last topic that they talked. F*cking talks (sex talks) were going on regularily in the conversation. At last a lady called and they talk about pov,vr porn. Finally the conversation ended with david cooper saying good night. Poulose from India rates this podcast that went very well, I will give 4 stars, I think. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]