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Episode 196: Sammie On The Scene

Tuesday, March 23 2021

Episode 196 of the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and the host tonight is Sammie, a white and a Jew, so David has company tonight. So if its David, then the talk wouldn't be very far from Drugs, Shit and Sex, not necessarily in that order. Th profound experience David talks about is the Asshole opening up to poop. Then after some talk of failed careers, we get the line of the episode, "Tinder and Linkedin are for networking" Then we get Tony to the call. David has new prompt for the callers about Sammie's butthole. Its a bit weird., some other prompt will be good. Like ask people to talk in a particular accent or ask them in which position they did it recently. And we get more of these callers. This is MarU from India, rating this episode a 2 of 5, i thought Sammie was good, but didn't take it higher.

Episode 195: Tony & Call Tests

Tuesday, March 9 2021

Episode 195 of the SHITshow called, "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper", hosted by David himself. The first show from New York. The guest on the show tonight cancelled last minute so we are stuck with Tony. The first discussion is the fiasco over the Meghan Markel - Oprah interview and the ramifications of it. Nice to get a British view of it from Tony. The next topic is David getting a bit down. There are no shitty callers, maybe due the timing going wrong, low wages or also maybe you guys insulting people last time. The first guy to call is called Tomato, from Brazil. And then we continue waiting for a caller. David and Tony are are about to close in the show early and we get a bunch of callers. And then we Taylor with a Kenyan Accent from Texas. And then we have a very long discussion on Meghan Markel Vs British Monarchy. No, 75 cents don't mean a meal for us in Delhi. This is MarU from India rating this show a 2 of 5, need more callers.

Episode 194: Laura (Canadian)

Tuesday, February 23 2021

Episode 194 with Laura (the Canadian one) on the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". She is a therapist by professions. She is still pissed with David over leaving her without saying goodbye! For a really long they reminiscent about their old days. Very soon we get the first caller on the show, The maniac himself, Tony! The only thing we conclude from the episode is David was a A grade shit, sorry make is still a shit (i am just jealous because he has Miranda) and Tony comes back later also. We also have Miranda's ghost which keeps on messaging David every time he says something shitty. So an idea, we have heard a lot of David, as well as Miranda, we would love to hear David's Ex on this show too. This is MarU from India rating this show a 3 out of 5, one of better ones.

Episode 193: Kollin Holtz

Thursday, February 18 2021

Ok this is Episode 193 of the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". Tonight's guest is Kollin Holtz, who is fellow comedian. Finding weird we are almost near 200, that's like 4 years of writing this shit. We get an Q&A's. The pace picked up later when David warmed up to Kollin. Finally after 40 minutes we get a caller, Tony. And later Miranda and Jay Jay also joins in. My two favorite people. Maybe they too sensed the show was going nowhere till they arrived!! Was the Texas caller one of us? That segment needs to improve. No, its was not Bombayish. Then we get a lot of pooping and peeing in the rest of the show. David you turned this show really shitty now with that! An even funnier was Taylor from Texas. This is MarU from India, who's been reviewing this show for past 4 years, rating this show a 3.5 out of 5, one of better ones, the regular gang was bang on!!

Episode 192: Marty Cunnie, pt. 3

Thursday, February 4 2021

I don't know why I feel like smiling hearing David coopers voice. May be because I felt he is kind of funny, but a bit strange too. Oh so cooper met his crazy caller tony David ,really cool. But I don't know really how cooper can talk so endlessly that too something silly for long time. Oh I could not believe my ears that someone really had watched over tony and David cooper. I think David is the only speaker and the comedian guest has nothing much to speak or he may be a bit serious. Why sir sir why? I think tony loves David very much as I felt a strong connection while he called this time. I feel the session went well with David cooper and tony rather than the guest and cooper. But I should also point out that this show is not for children as there are may adults only discussion here .Me Fathima from Bahrain rates this show with 3 stars .

Episode 191: Rev. James, pt. 2

Thursday, January 28 2021

After long time listening to this show. David talks about recent wall street issue and tells us he made x15 profit on dogecoin! Congratulations David. Good to hear Tony too after a long time. Tony likes radio over TV. He says his life was changed by a book. I would like to know it. David doesn't know whether afterlife concept exists in jewism. I think no such concept exists in jewish religion (thankfully, otherwise imagine same jews reincarnating again and again in this world!). David played a game 'Is it a sin?' and asked various questions. I would like to play this game too. Tell me David, Is it a sin to torture your listeners with 140 minutes of babble? Is it a sin to wonder whether fart is sentient? Is it a sin to produce 191 episodes of This is going well I think? Sandeep from India rates this episode 3 out of 5 stars.

Episode 190: Hannah Marianetti, pt. 2

Thursday, January 21 2021

This is Episode 190, and we are back with David Cooper on his show "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". Today's guest is Hannah Marianetti, a friend of Davids and a radio talk show host, i think. After a brief talk, we get a caller, asking for help on Zelda. Then after some more talk, we have Tony calling in. He brings some fun to the conservation. Add to it Jay Jay, after quite many weeks now. With this trio we get the best of David's show and throw in Miranda to it, the show jumps up several notches. Then we get a lot of talk, on, you guessed it, Donald Trump. The talk goes on long with various topics including dating advice to a 46 years old. This is MarU from India rating this show a 3.5 out of 5, this more of a typical David Cooper show with a lots of cuss words, Tony, JayJay, random callers, This is the kind of episode i would like to listen to, but would be great if it was edited to a smaller duration. And of course we miss Miranda!!

Episode 189: Guru (Career Debrief)

Thursday, January 14 2021

Really 189 th episode of coopers episode ?.oh my good God I cant believe my ears, this show is still on air .I don't understand how he gets guests for his show. By the way who is this Guru? And what do they discuss about for so long? about their jobs. they are talk about davids stupid job he quit. wow it is what we are here to listen. at least I am not interested. hmm David really has the unyoungest brother syndrome or may be lazy haha. guru explains about yoga and grandfather and David too. David never forgets to talk about sex in the show, well that always go well with David at least. guru is a guru in listening I guess. I think both likes Canada too. guru is afraid to tell any bad things about his organization even though David encourages ha ha. To be frank this long talks about job atmosphere is too boring for me ,and I think David has a little less energy in this particular topic may be. Oh so tony is David's only fan aha great. but it is sad to hear that his grandfather had rectal cancer and the caller is amazed to hear gurus name. Anyways please David, please come up with some better topics next time. And here is me Joana from Bahrain rating this show with 3 stars out of 8 ha ha. Better luck next time dude.

Episode 188: Zues [sic]

Thursday, January 7 2021

And we are back with David Cooper on his show "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". Todays guest is Zeus, yes the very much God of Greeks. A founder of Burning Man. And today's is David's last day at this regular work. And for the next 30 minutes or so we hear a lot crap come out of both their mouths and was going nowhere. There is a lot of American Vs Canadian life, it goes on and on. Then we get to everybody's fav Trump, American Education, Jobs, Medicare etc which again goes on for a long time. For North Americans these are good topics for an Indian, have you seen life in India? This is MarU from India rating this show a 2.5 out of 5, An episode with no jokes, but a lot of serious discussions and also no callers today including Tony or Miranda. At 2 hours, its quite long to sit through.

Episode 187: Ray Connolly, pt. 5 (New Year's Eve Special)

Thursday, December 31 2020

Yeah its really funny recording i have ever heard. He was loudly smiling while talking with guest however guest were also comedian. Also promoting the coffee shop . Ray kindly and her wife were the guest host was talking something very funny even talked about another episode of Mtv cancel show and started laughing loudly . That conversation mainly about nw year eve and also focusing on coffee shop , host was also giving his interview about his previous work experience and express his desire aim too. I don't think anybody listing this radio station . And also taking about their rental fare has been increased by landlord . guest even also was sharing about their rental issue and landlord was Irish people . It was really funny conversation they were having mainly they were focusing about their personal life instead getting connected with caller .

Episode 186: A Very Lonely, Very Jewish, Very Country Christmas

Thursday, December 24 2020

Well, this episode is pathetic, apparently no guest wanted to agree to go to that radio show trash, anyway, what he ended up playing is also trash, what ugly music, God, God, God. The truth is not much to say. It is obvious that this program, if it can be called a program, has very little time left. David sucks, as do his guests. Maybe the Christmas season will make him reconsider and improve a little, because at the rate he is going I don't think it will last long to be honest. Around minute 35 David intervenes, saying that the last track of the night is 4 in one and he even gives a phone number to be called, hahaha, nobody has dared to call, which shows that the supposed listeners who call him they are always hired. That highlights the pathetic of this radio show. That is why Juan de Santo Domingo gives it a score of -100 stars.

Episode 185: Victor Pacheco

Thursday, December 10 2020

In this 185 episode of This is Going Well, I Think. David remembers how people do not like him and that he has a moral problem towards Jews. The main guest Victor Pacheco does not take a fuck out of his mouth, that's all, fuck man, fuck man, fuck man, apparently his brain does not give more to say, just fuck. Then he starts complaining because he booked a show and someone else had also booked and blah blah blah. David as always, celebrating the bad jokes of his guests, giving importance to what does not have it and boasting that he has a gay brother. Victor Pacheco is the same as fuck, fuck, fuck. It seems to me that when he stands on stage the only thing he says to his audience is, fuuck, fuuuck, fuuuuck. And then there's the other jerk who called, the shitty nigga named Tony supposedly from London pouring more shit than the first two already have on them. A man named Tony from London also considers the show to be crap and gave it a -1000 star rating.

Episode 184: Kelly Moe

Thursday, December 3 2020

In this podcast you can get stories about cockrings, a really bad 'Ops I did it again' impression, a guy allegedly peeing on a jar during the recording, but also implicit dangerous medical recommendations like using magnesium citrate to lose weight or explicating saying how funny it's mixing anxiolytics with alcohol. Seriously, why this show is still airing? This is a threat to public health and public mental sanity. Also, David has a fixation on making homophobic jokes. Spoiler, NOT funny. The second funniest joke was when Peter burped. The best joke was when David said he quit his job to try to survive in New York out of this podcast. What is this show about? Does this show even have a structure? Who recommended to talk about those problematic issues when the people participating on the podcast do not know how to joke about those? I hope these questions are never answered to me, cause I do not wanna know nothing about this podcast ever again. Pau from Spain rates this show with a 'please stay away' if you value your time. On the other hand, if you are aiming to get fired, I recommend you playing this on your workplace. For the latter situation, it's 5/5 podcast. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 183: Annick Adelle, pt. 2

Thursday, November 19 2020

It is the episode 183 of the the show called as "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and the guest tonight is Annick Adelle, and its is the second part of it. Adelle is joining us from Berlin, Germany after getting stuck there when she went to visit her mother. We get some stories of corona virus near-misses. Later we get some story of David's divorce and his lawyer for it. Most of the talk is on David's move to New York. We get some random talk and arguments. And we don't get any caller for the whole episode. Not even the regulars like Tony or even Miranda. This is quite small episode only only an hour, lesser than the normal 2 hours one. This is Maru from India, rating this episode a below average 2 points out of 5, it was ok and needs to pick on the fun factor.

Episode 182: Dan Linley & Sara DeForest, pt. 2

Thursday, November 12 2020

To tell the truth the show ends just as it begins, like shit, and to be honest I don't understand what they can call this garbage a radio show. From the beginning it is perceived that it is something improvised, that is, they sat in front of a microphone without knowing what to speak, looking at the clock every second waiting for it to end. Dan and Sara aren't funny, neither is David. When dealing with subjects such as incest, homosexual relations, boat handling, it is clear that they are improvising. The worst of it is that there are people who call the supposed radio show to add even more shit than the hosts have said. This is totally annoying, apparently the callers have nothing else to do and are content to spit out all the shit they have in their little brain. This goes well, I think, because of the fact that the level of the callers is equal to that of the hosts, who show no respect for the callers or themselves, interrupting whenever they can to talk stupid things. Idalia from Mexico rated this show as a trash and gave it only 1 star.