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Episode 185: Victor Pacheco

Thursday, December 10 2020

In this 185 episode of This is Going Well, I Think. David remembers how people do not like him and that he has a moral problem towards Jews. The main guest Victor Pacheco does not take a fuck out of his mouth, that's all, fuck man, fuck man, fuck man, apparently his brain does not give more to say, just fuck. Then he starts complaining because he booked a show and someone else had also booked and blah blah blah. David as always, celebrating the bad jokes of his guests, giving importance to what does not have it and boasting that he has a gay brother. Victor Pacheco is the same as fuck, fuck, fuck. It seems to me that when he stands on stage the only thing he says to his audience is, fuuck, fuuuck, fuuuuck. And then there's the other jerk who called, the shitty nigga named Tony supposedly from London pouring more shit than the first two already have on them. A man named Tony from London also considers the show to be crap and gave it a -1000 star rating.