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Episode 5: David Roth & Krista Fatka

Tuesday, November 15 2016

What's better than David not listening to one comedian? Not listening to two. Comedy partners David Roth and Krista Fatka of Destiny's Mom strap on for the confusion. ("That's slash Destiny's Mom Comedy. That's Destiny with a 'ys', not 'ies'.") An older, less jaded David Roth confronts what might have been if he were Canadian and unlikeable. Stress diarrhea and zinc oxide cream are discussed. Tone deaf, your host monologues about his problems and reverse gender violence. Krista clues in early to the secrets of live radio podcasting by ignoring him. Did that go well? I think? Jews and gentile clash over ten years of Palestinian trapeze artistry. Timothy shares a certain darkness with the sale of the Suzuki SV650S. We wish Roth and Fatka a happy Thanksgiving in Vegas.

Episode 4: Ginny Hogan

Thursday, November 3 2016

David wonders why comedically talented and charming Ginny Hogan is willing to do the show. An obvious answer emerges: unfettered Judeophelia. Her recent experience hallucinating on sleeping pills sparks talking shop about medication. Comedian Jeff Dean rings but ends the call with better things to do. The show suffers from caller overload. The keen listener may note the show continues to generally just suffer. This is going well, I think. A woman calls insisting she's slept with David while failing to describe his birth defect. The Suzuki SV650S ending up in the classifieds next week looms.

Episode 3: Erika Kettleson

Thursday, October 27 2016

The show turns into a reverse suicide hotline, callers seem concerned David doesn't kill himself. Guest Erika Kettleson joins along for the ride of support. Her boyfriend calls. Prior guest Ray Connolly relays that his mom is worried. David's brother and his entourage call repeatedly. David's ex-wife begs for the show to have questions or a format or anything. That went well, I think? There's talk of sh*t. There's a penny story. We're left wondering that if people think you have worth, can you still think you're worthless? The Suzuki SV650S remains unsold.

Episode 2: Ray Connolly

Thursday, October 20 2016

Guest Ray Connolly's mother is sweet. We wish her well. David's ex-wife calls in angry. Then David's ex-girlfriend calls in what promises to be the most complicated ad campaign by Trader Joe's. That went well, I think. David finds out he named his own show. A Suzuki SV650S is on the market for $3300/$3200. An ecstasy flashback happens. What the show is about remains unclear.

Episode 1: Dan Linley

Thursday, October 13 2016

The show premieres. Dan Linley is our guest. Insults traded. Laughter had. Suicide discussed. A dog barks. That went well, I think.